Ravi Shastri hails Motera as “monster and half” in HistoryTV18’s ‘Modern Marvel: World’s Largest Cricket Stadium’

Ravi Shastri hails Motera as
Ravi Shastri hails Motera as "monster and half" in HistoryTV18's 'Modern Marvel: World’s Largest Cricket Stadium'

Ravi Shastri hails Motera as “monster and half” in HistoryTV18’s ‘Modern Marvel: World’s Largest Cricket Stadium’

History TV18 has premiered its latest offering is the ‘Modern Marvel: World’s Largest Cricket Stadium’ on Friday. The documentary tells the story of building cricket’s largest arena on the historic Motera ground in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad which was inaugurated earlier this year. The film features quotes from a variety of players and pundits, including Indian head coach Ravi Shastri.

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In a snippet shared on social media, Ravi Shastri revealed how it was an intimidating experience to play in front of a packed crowd at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Motera. Shastri said, “This is a monster and a half. For any person playing their first game, this is an oval. It is that overwhelming. I remember playing the first test match ever on this ground against the West Indies, and I would love to play in front of a crowd like this. Cricket is like a religion here and the noise they make is awesome.”

HistoryTV18’s ‘Modern Marvel: World’s Largest Cricket Stadium’ presents an in-depth documentary on this massive feat of design and engineering – constructing a futuristic stadium that is purpose-built for the modern-day game. Filmed on location in 4K and high-definition, the documentary reveals never-seen-before aspects of the logistics, architecture and planning that go into building a sporting venue of this scale while presenting jaw-dropping facts bound to fascinate viewers. The brand new Narendra Modi Stadium, inaugurated by the President of India earlier this year, seats as many as 1,32,000 spectators.

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This makes it the world’s largest cricket stadium by seating capacity, surpassing the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia. It was constructed by Larsen & Toubro (L&T), which is also credited with constructing some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including the world’s tallest statue, in just 38 months. The sheer scale and complexity of the grand project also meant bringing in design architects from Australia, roofing experts from the US, specialized canopy fabric from Japan, cables from Italy, and revolutionary LED stadium lighting from Spain. HistoryTV18’s documentary provides a fast-paced and compelling narrative of the vision and construction with great attention to detail and revealing interviews with the people behind the Motera stadium’s reconstruction, making us marvel at the world’s biggest cricket stadium.