PUBG Season 9 is out : Check the new outfits and currency in Season 9 and other update

Check the new outfits and currency in Season 9

The PUBG Season 9 is out with new interesting features including new outfits and currencies. InsideSport is giving low down on the entire changes, new features in the Season 9 updates. With the new update, a new 3X3km ‘Paramo’ map was released on the live server. Played by up to 64 players, Paramo features cloud-covered South American mountainous terrain and massive volcanoes. If you step on the lava flowing out of the volcano or pass by a vehicle, you will suffer damage. While the blue zone (magnetic field) of the map is slow, it inflicts strong damage from the beginning, and the red zone does not appear.

PUBG Season 9 : What are the new changes and features in PUBG Season 9 ?

PUBG Solo mode
Meanwhile, with the 9.1 update, we also introduced a solo mode before competition that reflects the needs of users. The same rules as the existing squad mode apply, and more items are spawned than in regular matches, and all users are assigned a tier rating through five plays. In addition, from Season 9, the minimum level of Survival Mastery, which is one of the conditions for entering competitive battles, has been raised from 40 to 80, enabling more intense combat. Tier-based rewards achieved in last season 8 are received upon first login.

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PUBG’s new currency
In addition, PUBG introduced ‘G-Coin’, a currency dedicated to Battleground that will replace Steam Cash. In-game charging is possible, so you can easily and conveniently purchase various items.

Survivor pass highlands
In ‘Survivor Pass: Highlands’, which will last for about two months, you can receive paramo concept skin items, emotes, and G-Coins through various missions and rewards. If you progress to level 50, you can get all the rewards including 1000 G-Coin.

Paramo fashion- PUBG New Outfits

PUBG introduces new outfits in the season 9. Survivor Pass: Highlands is packed with reward items that are essential for any survivor’s 2020 autumn wardrobe.

The ‘Practical Tactical’ line of clothes has monochromatic earth tones or cargo pants along with sleek glasses with a timeless pith hat.

The ‘PUBG Paramo map prints’ is a line of muted tones with colorful print details that are unique to the Paramo landscape. A chambray shirt has been a long time staple for fall and PUBG and a deep charcoal hoodie with a warm tone print You’ll also find vibrant prints represented in the vast array of backpacks we’re offering in Season 9.

Lastly we have ‘The Little Black Night Ops Suit’, this premiere head to toe suit is inspired by notorious Sanhok 4 member Madison Malholtra who you can learn more about on PUBG’s official lore website.

Paramo is applied with a’dynamic world creation system’ in which a specific area and terrain of the map changes from session to session, allowing users to experience a new and strategic play every time. Paramo can be enjoyed as a season 9-limited seasonal match.

Unlike other maps, in PUBG new map Paramo, users start playing by dropping from a helicopter. Supply crates are also transported by helicopter, which can be attacked and dropped. From the supply box, you can acquire new items such as a 3-level backpack for Paramo, a Gili suit, and a new camo suit. In addition, if you enter the secret room with the secret room key that spawns at random, you can get an emergency hemostatic injection that resurrects a stunned team member in 1 second.

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