PUBG season 9 can be played in India from October 21, Check how

PUBG recently releases the teaser of their new season with their very first dynamic map. Indians are not very excited with the new season as PUBG is banned in India but the reality is PUBG Season 9 is on the PC version. There is some misconception among the more casual gamer masses that PUBG PC/Console is banned in India, which isn’t true. PUBG PC and Console are still playable in India, you can enjoy the latest season 9 update.

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PUBG Season 9 release date

The next season of PUBG will release on October 21. However, if you are a console owner, you will need to wait until October 29 for the season to arrive on your gaming platform. The PUBG Season 9 will last for about two months and feature a wide array of new content including a new event mode and two battle passes. Developers at PUBG haven’t revealed the exact time for when the update will be rolled out. The PUBG Season 7 update was set for 7 PM PT, so you can expect the new update to roll out around the same time.

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PUBG Season 9 to bring two Battle Passes

The new PUBG Season 9 will bring two Battle Passes for fans. Both passes will be released in two separate updates and allow users to earn a range of exciting rewards exclusive to the season. The first pass will be available with the PUBG update 9.1, while the second pass will be added with a PUBG update 9.2. However, if you purchase the first pass, you won’t have to get the second one as it will be included in the package.


PUBG new dynamic map

Fans will get to dive into a new map called Paramo when the PUBG Season 9 rolls out. It is essentially a volcano-themed map that features some fog-covered highlands along with several other elements. However, it will relatively be a smaller map compared to other popular maps we have seen in the past. However, it is highly dynamic, which is one of the reasons there’s so much hype around it. Officials at PUBG also releases a short teaser to give fans a glimpse of the new PUBG map.

Check out all the features of this map: