PUBG Season 9 : 5 new very interesting features to be unveiled in PUBG’s Paramo map

PUBG season 9  to come out on October 21st on PC and October 29th on console. The total run time of the season is to be just 2 months, bringing in some major changes that include a special event mode with an all-new map and two different passes exclusive to Season 9.

Paramo-the new map

Feature 1 – This new map is a small one and as PUBG claims is a special one.
Feature 2 – The map is located mysterious and treacherous plateau of Paramo.
Feature 3- This is the first map of any game that is dynamic and changes every time you drop in. So no matter how many times you drop into this map you are sure to have a unique and thrilling experience.
Feature 4 – It will also give players an unending challenge because the map literally cannot be mastered.
Feature 5 –Another feature that is brand new to the game is the ability to shoot down care packages that are being delivered by helicopters. This is gonna add another intense objective to fight for, rather than waiting for the package to drop in an assigned location.

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Players will get two Passes this time

Season 9 will launch with Update 9.1 which will come with a Season Pass
purchase the pass to gain access to earn exclusive rewards. The Season 9 Pass will be dedicated to the rich culture and aesthetic of Paramo. However, this pass has been modified to accommodate for the shortened season. The second pass will launch with Update 9.2 and will be focused on an infamous PUBG character.

So we expect to see a small pass in the 1st update of season 9 followed by a much bigger pass on the 2nd update. If the first pass in bought, you do not have to pay for the second pass. will give you all the news on Season 9 new maps, features and all other latest updates