PUBG: Now you can revive your teammates in just 1 second, Check how

PUBG: Now you can revive your teammates in just 1 second

Yes, Now you can revive your teammates in just 1 second. No it is not a PUBG hack or cheat code, PUBG has launched this amazing new critical response kit in the game. This will help PUBG players’ to revive their team mates in seconds and get Winner Winner Chicken dinner. The Hermostatic Device (Critical Response Kit) is a consumable item is not a PUBG Mobile update but only avaiable in PUBG PC and Console. The item was previously only available for Custom Matches, but has been launched for the standard game mode as well.

Now you could be lucky to pick up a critical response kit in one of your Paramo games and change the tides of a loosing battle by reviving your teammate in 1 second.

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It usually takes 10 seconds to revive a downed ally, in which time you are at risk of being encountered by an enemy.

PUBG posted a tweet that their critical response kit is out!

If you get knocked out one of your teammates can revive you. One of your teammates needs to come closer to you and they get a popup to revive you. If all your teammates get knocked out then everyone will die instantly.

When in DBNO (Down But Not Out) state, a character’s revive time will gradually decrease. When revive time reaches zero, the character will die and cannot be revived for the rest of the match.

If a character enters DBNO (Down But Not Out) state while their teammate is either dead or also already in a DBNO state, the character will instantly die.

It is possible for a character to enter DNBO (Down But Not Out) state multiple times in a single match, but it will cause revive time to decrease.

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