PUBG New State: Troi map Exclusive locations, Tips & Tricks Revealed by Karfton

PUBG New State: Troi map Exclusive locations, Tips & Tricks Revealed by Karfton
PUBG New State: Troi map Exclusive locations, Tips & Tricks Revealed by Karfton

PUBG New State: Troi map Exclusive locations, Tips & Tricks Revealed by Karfton: The next venture of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG: New State, has promised to excel in every aspect of mobile gaming & will provide an experience that is ‘beyond’ your regular Battle Royale. This ambitious project of Krafton is slated to release in the second half of 2021.

Recently, a video was released by the studious’, publishing director Brian Corrigan. He has introduced a field trip series of PUBG: New State’s feature map Troi. In this series of videos, he will provide us details about the type of gameplay it offers & better prepare players for the upcoming game.

Brian Corrigan started off by sharing “While new State is a fresh take on the battle Real genre, we haven’t lost sight of what makes the PUBG experience so unique. New State inherits and improves on the established PC & Console foundation with a fresh near future twist and angle. It’s given us tons of opportunity to innovate.”

PUBG New State Troi Map Locations: Exclusive looks, Tips & Tricks by the Officials

Starting the field trip with the Exhibit Hall of Troi, he said “Our first stop is the exhibit hall, the heart of Troy. It kind of looks like a bull’s eye, right? But looks can be deceiving as the location is built in such a way that will provide options for different play styles.”

Exhibit Hall - Troi- PUBG: New State
Exhibit Hall – Troi- PUBG: New State


Moving on to the next location, The Mall, he shared “The mall features a similar dynamic to the exhibit hall with an open roof and wide spaces, but this location is all about positioning. Each store has its share of advantages and disadvantages to account for. As you size up the competition, the roof gets hot, but if you survive it, there are many ways to sneak around and flank your indoor enemies, crushing them from the perimeter.”

The Mall - Troi - PUBG: New State
The Mall – Troi – PUBG: New State

“If you’re on the lower levels, the honeycomb architecture and bulletproof glass will give you the angles you need to secure your chicken dinner personally. I love holding the escalators, another fun element to strategize around. They’re fully functional and directional. So be sure to choose the right direction or you’ll risk losing precious speed and become an easy target.” he further added


The third location featured in the video is the Laboratory.  Brian Corrigan tells “The laboratory is of four levels of intense enclosures and corridor warfare, with its unique structure ensuring your team survival in the laboratory will take a great deal of cooperation and creative thinking. The central area is encased in bulletproof glass so you’re safe as long as you don’t come out or they don’t come in or the blue zone doesn’t get you.”

The Laboratory - Troi - PUBG: New State
The Laboratory – Troi – PUBG: New State


For the final part of the tour, Brian chose the Trailer Park. About the location he shared ” It’s a trailer park or at least that’s what it used to be. Now, it’s all bunkers and bullets here. You’ll have to vault, sneak and climb to conquer this spot. But if it’s not looking good and you need a quick exit, use the ramp at the end of the runway to get out of trouble.

Trailer Park - Troi - PUBG: New State
Trailer Park – Troi – PUBG: New State


Previously, Krafton officially revealed that PUBG: New State will support both TPP & FPP mode. The South Korean Gaming Company cleared this query which was frequently asked by the fans.


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Alpha testing for PUBG New State Mobile will begin soon in the United States. The developers have mentioned that the teased images doesn’t represent the final quality & the actual gameplay experience may differ. However, once the alpha testing begins, players may get exclusive gameplay footage of PUBG: New State & get a taste of what it can actually offer.

Krafton will release more information regarding Troi in the coming months. So fans are advised to keep an eye on their official handles. The game has already crossed 10 million Pre-registrations. So, they may treat you with an official trailer anytime.


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