PUBG Mobile Update 1.3: 5 new changes which will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out

PUBG Mobil3 Update 1.3: 5 new changes which will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out

PUBG Mobile New Map Update: 5 new changes which will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out- PUBG Mobile’s 1.3 update is out for beta testing now. Many leaks had been suggesting that a new map, Karakin is going to get rolled out. With this 1.3 PUBG Mobile update, the map will be rolled out fully, but for now, new features of the map can be tested out in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta version.

Currently, some patch notes for PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 version are revealed and they confirm that Karakin would be added. Here are the updates that can be expected from PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3.

PUBG Mobile New Map

Karakin is an island area, which is just 2×2 kilometres long. This map was first introduced in PUBG PC and will very soon be available for PUBG Mobile. Karakin is much smaller than Sanhok and is very similar to Livik in size. Only 64 players will drop in a match.

PUBG Mobile New Zone

A new zone is being added to Karakin. The new demolition zone will be marked in the map as the black or purple zone. The new zone will have the ability to demolish each and every building that falls in that zone.

This new feature will cause heavy destruction to buildings and will have to move out of the area when the Demolition Zone starts. This feature will also push the players to take a fight and promote a much aggressive gameplay

Thin Walls

Players will be able to shoot enemies through the damaged walls in Karakin. This feature is perfect to promote “indoor fights”. For now, there is not update if this feature would be in a part of the compound walls, as well, which are largely used as cover.

Sticky Bombs

A new throwable item is added in Karakin known as the sticky bomb. It is very similar to a grenade that can be planted on the walls or roof. This bomb can be used to destroy objects. After the sticky bomb is used, the structure will be transformed into rubble and players can either take cover in it or find items to loot.


What is Karakin exclusive, is a new rocket launcher called the Panzerfaust, which gets automatically discarded once it is shot. The damage range is effective and the could knock down the enemy in just one shot.

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle 

A new sniper rifle that will be at par with Kar98k is also going to be added with this 1.3 update. This gun will be available in Erangel and Vikendi and as it is a bolt-action sniper rifle.

Motor Glider

PUBG Mobil3 Update 1.3: 5 new changes which will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out

PUBG Mobile is adding its first aerial vehicle and will add the Motor Glider. This is a two-seater aeroplane that functions exactly like an air-bound vehicle, with a runway needed for it to take off, and once its in the air, it consumes a lot of fuel based on the speed. This vehicle will be available in Erangle and Miramar for now.