PUBG Mobile Season 15 to end on 15th November, Check the tentative release date and new features of Season 16

PUBG Mobile Season 15 to end on 15th November, Check the tentative release date and new features of Season 16

PUBG Mobile update: The fifteenth season of PUBG Mobile is still raging on which will end on 15th November 2020, PUBG Season 16 release date is anticipated to commence from 16-17th November 2020. there’ll be a little in-game update which will be extended to unlock the RP section.

Here’s what we know so far about PUBG Mobile Season 16, Pass Royale and possible features coming to the game.

Pass Royale for Season 16

Just like every other season of PUBG Mobile, Season 16 will have a Pass Royale with 100 Ranks of rewards to attain.

Free Royale Pass: Open to all players. Earn Royale Points (RP) from completing missions, items from crates and more to rank up.

15x Scope

This is by far the most prominent announcement for PUBG Mobile. We will finally be getting the 15X Scope in PUBG Mobile. The current maximum Scope size is 8X, and the new will be as much as twice of that! Obviously, the 15X Scope can only be attached to Sniper Rifles.

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Royale Pass Elite

Gain rewards faster and rank up faster via Elite missions. Immediately get 4,000 UC worth of rewards.

Royale Pass Elite Plus: Includes everything in the Elite Pass. You also get 25 ranks unlocked instantly, at 40% off the Elite Pass offering. Immediately get 10,000 UC.

Night mode for Erangel

We believe a new Night Mode for Erangel is again coming to PUBG Mobile Season 16! As per the leaks. If the rumor turns out to be true, you might again get a chance to see the beautiful aurora lights in Erangel 2.0. While Erangel’s night feature was of darkness and night vision goggles, you can get to see comets and meteors in its 2.0 version.

Band theme sets-power4

We expect he Four Horsemen Set is coming to PUBG Mobile new season. It will be an upgradeable outfit – Lady of Blood, Spike Demon, Grave Lord, and Wraith Lord Outfit. All of these will come with their exclusive emotes as well. Scope

According to YouTuber LuckyMan“, there’s some rumoured content for PUBG Mobile Season 16, namely.


  • Night Terror Outfit
  • Draconian Champion Set
  • Le Tigre Suit

Headgear and Mask

  • Night Terror Headgear
  • Draconian Champion Hat

Weapon Skins

  • Metal Jungle – Scar-L
  • Season 16 – Thompson
  • Draconian Champion – M16A4
  • Draconian Champion – Machete
  • Outlawed Fantasy – UMP45
  • Winter Queen M249 V
  • Icicle – Mini14

Vehicle Skins

  • Draconian Champion Finish

Other Rewards

  • Season 16 Combat Goggles
  • Draconian Champion Backpack
  • Draconian Champion Parachute

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