PUBG Mobile Rumors : PUBG fraternity very upset with influencers on fake hype and updates

PUBG Mobile’s impact on Indian esports is undeniable, the unbanning of the game has caused much confusion among the community, mainly for the esports orgs that are trying to invest in esports space. Unban of the Indian version of the game is unknown and much speculation being thrown around it’s important that these rumors don’t cause more harm to the esports eco-system than the ban itself.

Esports org’s have started forming rosters and signing player contracts based on baseless speculations that PUBG Mobile will release soon. Signing contracts this early on, before the game unban and release date is confirmed on unconfirmed claims is harmful in the long run.

Major unconfirmed claims

Ghathak- Biggest Mobile Tournament, 6 crores first prize for pubg tournaments; 40k-2L salary.

TSM Entity player/coach Ghatak has stated that PUBG Mobile esports tournaments will feature INR 6 Crore ($809,160 USD) as prize money for the winners with the average Tier 1 esports player receiving a salary in excess of INR 40,000 ($539).
Speaking to AFK Gaming, Ghatak said: “While we have to wait and watch for the official announcements, all I can promise is that we are headed towards exciting times.
This has been picked up by mainstream news platforms like DNA and Times of India with no official confirmation whatsoever.

Maxtern- The Beta version Hoax

Maxtern later posted a clarification about his tweets but it was also deleted. He later tweeted “Recently, I tweeted about early access of the PUBG Mobile India version available to few Indian players and will be given to me before you guys get it. I deleted that tweet within 2min because I was not supposed to tell this. I ain’t going to talk about it, so wait for the official statement.”

After this, many so-called beta versions of the game started showing up, from trailers to streams. All the beta version trailers are fake, if PUBG is to give influencers a backdoor to play their game, it will have to first officially get unbanned in the first place, this makes Maxtern’s tweets false.


Ocean Sharma- Game release date
Yet another date handed out by an Influencer is the 2nd of December. Ocean Sharma who is an esports caster has been dropping hints that the game will return on Dec 2nd. This is hard to believe especially considering that this has been happening ever since the game’s ‘coming soon’ announcement.

Kronten who had claimed that the game will return on the 20th of November received hate from the community has since then not made any such claims.

Influencers spreading the ‘unconfirmed’ narrative that the game is going to return soon should be stopped, even handing out dates, while the ministry has confirmed that ‘there is no change in that stance at this stage’. The rumors of the game should be put to rest and India should wait for the official announcement from PUBG Corp itself.

Streaming a BANNED game
Esports Teams around India are recruiting players based on these unconfirmed claims. Teams have even started playing scrims, influencers have also started playing the game without it being unbanned.
Dynamo and Kronten who have 9million and 2million subscribers respectively have been streaming PUBG Mobile to their millions of followers even though the game is still banned.
TSM|Entity has also been seen playing the game.

Entire India is waiting for the game to return, it’s better not to create unnecessary hype for the game might not even return early next year.

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Ministry sources to InsideSport, “No permission to PUBG to operate in India as yet”

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Earlier on Thursday, InsideSport had reported to its readers that PUBG Corporation or any new entity in India has not been granted any permission to re-start operations in India.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with the other Chinese Apps in September and according to the ministry source, ‘there is no change in that stance at this stage’, said the source.

InsideSport further tried probing the Ministry Source on the latest development of PUBG floating new entity in India and will it be enough for them to re-start the operations in India ? Reluctantly, the Ministry official told InsideSport that will not be enough to resume operations.
“Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”,

This clearly means, though the new company has been floated and approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the permissions by the ministry that banned Chinese Apps will still be required for the game to operate in India.