PUBG Mobile new release: PUBG releases new maps & features in 1.1 Beta Update

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update

PUBG Mobile version 1.1 is available for the beta testers and some new exclusive modes and PUBG new maps are added. Before any PUBG new update, the developers of PUBG Mobile release a beta version for players to test the new features and fix any bugs or glitches that might arise.

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A new game mode, a new item for the classic game mode, as well as a winter-themed event a brand new Metro Royale mode, winter festival, Black Market, and more will be introduced to the game with this update. There is also Customizable Loadouts and New Maps incoming.

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Customizable loadouts

PUBG Players can also set loadouts to take into the game. This loadout is similar to Warzone Load out drop in which players can customize the loadout and choose their preferred guns to take in the matches.

PUBG New Maps

Metro Royale Mode will feature two new maps. Basically the maps is a severed portion of Erangel but contains different locations, names and buildings. The terrain still gives classic Erangel vibes but infrastructure is completely different in Metro mode.

Here are the PUBG Mobile beta 1.1 patch notes:

New Metro Royale mode

  • New map: two unique maps…
  • New equipment: new Thermal Sight/Night Vision equipment and new Tikka Rifle.
  • New Challenges: introduction of Agile bandits, Special monsters and more…

Metro Royale Non-Battle System

  • New System, Mode Loadout: The players will be able to bring out the pre-configured equipment in the loadout into battle.
  • New System, Black Market: It is an exclusive Metro Royale Shop.

Classic Mode Themed Gameplay

  • Winter Festival: New Winter Castle Paradise
  • Players can visit the Winter Festival hut and more

Classic Mode: Additions & improvements

  • New item: Spike Trap
  • The players can throw or pick up melee weapons and put them back into the backpack, and more.

It is still unclear when exactly the update will hit the test servers but these new features are going to be amazing for PUBG lovers


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