PUBG Mobile India Release Date Leaked by Dynamo Gaming on his stream. Check Details

PUBG Mobile India Release Date
PUBG Mobile India Release Date

PUBG Mobile India Release Date. Days have turned into months waiting for the unban of PUBG Mobile but there has been nothing but false rumors & fake claims regarding its re-release in India. The majority of Indian Esports operations are shut down & it looks like the Esports eco-system of India is at a pause. While games such as Valorant & Free Fire are certainly doing better than ever before, they still have a long way to go to match the craze PUBG had over India. Nevertheless, as there is still no official confirmation from both the Government & Krafton, all we can talk about is unofficial & non-verified claims.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date

If Dynamo, one of India’s prominent gaming content creators is to be believed, there will be major announcements from the officials pretty soon. Today, on his live stream, the professional gamer said that the trailer for the PUBG Mobile India, the Indian iteration of the original PUBG Mobile game, will drop on a double-digit date of a month, i.e. any date between 10th to 31st.

Whereas the game itself will be officially released on a later date, which is, according to Dynamo, on a date that consists of a single digit, which is between 1st to 9th. Coming from such an established Indian gamer, this is certainly something that boosts up everyone’s hope for PUBG Mobile’s comeback.


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Additionally, the company has posted major job listings on LinkedIn for professionals. The role of an Associate Director for Publishing Business Operations can be found on the list. Another role of a Senior Marketing Manager is mentioned as well.

This can only imply that the company is doubling down its efforts for a comeback & it will resume its operations on a larger scale once the government waives the green signal. While there has been no shortage of false rumors & misleading information regarding the release of PUBG Mobile India, this certainly is something to be hopeful for. Despite all these, there’s still no response from the government. If there is any further development regarding the unban, InsideSport will surely be there to report.