PUBG Mobile Global Championship: Indian Commentary Panel you want to know about for PMGC

PUBG Mobile Global Championship: Indian Commentary Panel you want to know about for PMGC

PMGC is just a few days away, and PUBG Mobile Esports has announced the talents for the event. In layman language, talents are the PUBG Mobile casters. For the Hindi live stream of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020, Ketan Patel, Ocean Sharma and Varun John would cast the matches. 

The trio has been a regular feature in the casting brackets when PUBG was not banned in India, and have gained quite a name for themselves when it comes to casting. The three of them combined have enough experience to take charge of giving us commentary and analysis of the matches at PMGC.

Before the official list of casters were announced, Ketan Patel had announced on his Volg that he is going to be one of the casters for the PUBG Mobile event.

Live streaming of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 Finals will take place on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Nimo TV. There is also an array of languages that the live stream will take place in English, Arabic, Bahasa, Indonesia, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Malay, Vietnamese, Mandarin (China), Hindi, and Nepali.

The live streaming will start from 5:30 pm (IST), as opposed to the earlier presumed 4 pm. At the League stages, Team Four Angry Men finished the league stage at the top and Bigetron Red Aliens bagged the second place and RRQ Athena came in at third.

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The PMGC 2020 Finals will start on January 21, 2021, and end on January 24, 2021, giving us the global champion of the Season 0 the PMGC. It will be streamed worldwide from Dubai’s Coca Cola Arena, which has a seating capacity of 17,000. However, due to the covid restrictions, the event will not be open to the public and the offline event will provide teams with a levelled playing field.