PUBG Mobile Comeback : PUBG is coming to India with these 3 gameplay changes

PUBG Mobile Comeback : PUBG is coming to India with these 3 gameplay changes

PUBG Mobile India Comeback: The long-running success story of PUBG Mobile in India was halted for a few months due to the ban but with this proposed comeback, the game can potentially return to its prime state till the end of this month/year. Although, the PUBG Mobile India release date is not announced yet, the game is back with a few changes and updates that are suitable for the Indian culture and social norms.

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Parents are going to be okay with their kids playing PUBG Mobile because of these new changes.

1. Limited Playtime

There would be a playtime limit function which would ensure healthy gaming habits for the younger audience. This means that after a certain number of hours played the game wont allow the user to enter match.

Earlier, there was a restriction on the playtime, but it is expected to be stricter in the Indian version.

2. Green Blood effect

It is confirmed to have a green bloodstain effect and this feature is already available in the KR version. The violent shooting is thought to have made younger players insensitive to shooting and seeing blood, this change has been done to show the virtual nature of the game. In the global version of PUBG Mobile, users had an option to change the colour of the hit effect. However, it is likely to be locked to green.

3. Default clothed character

Modesty is another feather in the cap for Indian audience. The characters would automatically begin fully dressed in the game. You can change the skins to more revealing ones but there will be some clothes on always.

PUBG Corporation has tied up with Microsoft to store user data on Azure Cloud. Azure Cloud data centres are located in India, which means that the data of PUBG Mobile India users is unlikely to leave the country borders. PUBG Corporation will invest $100 million into the India subsidiary and other projects to ensure the esports, entertainment, and IT industries of India get a boost from the company.

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