PUBG Mobile Comeback : Don’t fall for these 3 fake news about PUBG Mobile Relaunch

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Don’t fall for these Big Rumors about PUBG Mobile Relaunch

PUBG Mobile India Comeback latest update: Ever since PUBG Corporation press release on the coming of Indian version of PUBG Mobile there have been widespread rumors. We break down the biggest ones:

> PUBG MOBILE AD to feature Arshad Warsi
The rumour that Arshad Warsi to Announce the PUBG Mobile India’s Comeback in an ad. We recently saw a trailer of the ad featuring Indian streamers Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo a few days ago. The teasers said that the game is coming soon. While some would have assumed that the short teasers were all we were going to get, it looks like there is a bigger ad coming.

> PUBG mobile pre-registration on TAP TAP
The game or a pre-registration page which is now unavailable on Tap Tap store. As PUBG Corp didn’t Specify that the game will be available on TAP TAP so it makes it highly unlikely it was a bogus page. This left the fans divided over the authenticity, as many believed it to be fake while others considered it to be legit. The fake trailer of the TAP TAP store has been circulated on WhatsApp.

Another unverified claim is that the game will have a new counter to it, as it the timer of the launch date will be show. This is mostly from the Influencer side of things. But more likelihood of this happening than others.

News articles are also getting things wrong based on fake PUBG twitter accounts which are then being re-tweeted by Influencers which is creating massive confusion.

influencers have been giving people new dates which they are not really sure about. Kronten and others have been bombarded with hate comments.

PUBG Mobile India comeback latest update

Also news is going around of the perhaps addition of the download button on the Indian website which apparently appeared for a short time.

PUBG Mobile India comeback latest update

The unverified Tap Tap pre-registrations which were closed was also aspect that has confused pubg lovers across India. Lets take a look at what these influencers have had to say so far about the launch date of PUBG mobile India. The trailer from this TAP TAP PUBG India version was fake and has been making rounds on whats app.

What we know for sure is that there is no official announcement from PUBG Corp. about the launch date and any further speculation is going to result in more confusion.

PUBG Mobile India comeback latest update


Lets take a look at who is on what stance on the PUBG Mobile incoming date.

Kronten was one of the few people who had given the 20th November date and he has been receiving hate for it.

PUBG Mobile India comeback latest update

Sid of TSM|Entity and Ocean Sharma both stood up against the hate.

Ocean Sharma also was faced with toxic chat which he dealt with in the best of ways.

Maxtern was right by saying people are creating unnecessary hype by giving dates out!

8Bit Thug put it right by saying there might be a countdown to this.

Mortal is rhetorically asking his followers, when will the game comeback.

Founder of Villager esports says, the fake hype got to him. Rewetting Ghataks tweet.

Soul took time to connect with his fans, who were all asking the same questions. When will the game be back.

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Rumors floating PUBG launching tonite, but where are the government permissions ?

PUBG Mobile Comeback : On 12th November PUBG Mobile had officially announced the latest update on unban that they are coming back to India very soon and in a new avatar. Since then speculation is rife on different timelines for the launch.

Latest being, that PUBG is launching tonite.

“Countdown begins. Few hours to go!,” the tweet from PUBG Mobile India fan club account reads. A picture has been included in the teaser, which showed that the game will be available on Google Play Store and for APK download separately with-in next few hours.

Since the tweet came in, the players are going berserk on internet in an anticipation of the launch tonite.

But InsideSport wants to clear that neither the Corporation nor any one associated with the game has officially announced the timeline of the launch. It is highly unlikely that the game will be launched without any official intimation by the promoters or the Indian government.

Just check this. In the last 1 week 3 official announcements have been made by the Corporation –

First on – 12th Nov PUBG Coming Soon announced PUBG Corporation. Official release was done of the comeback attempt. The release talked about how PUBG Corporation will be taking measures to secure the data of users.

The release was a clear attempt by the promoters of the game to appease the Indian government that all will be taken care off as per their policies.

Despite the release, no one from the ministry came on record to suggest that the game will be allowed to comeback in different format.

Second on – 14th Nov on Diwali the corporation again released a creative on Instagram saying PUBG Mobile Coming Soon

Again no timelines

Third on 14th Nov – Trailer launched – Again this was just an attempt by the Corporation to excite the market. No concrete launch dates were given.

PUBG fraternity since then has been speculating endlessly on the launch date. Such is the situation that unknown source started a pre-registration page on Tap Tap which after 250,000 registrations is now shut-down with no one knows anything about its whereabouts.

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Is the launch possible without taking permissions from the ministry which had banned it ?

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) that had announced a ban on PUBG and 116 other Chinese apps in September stays unfazed and is yet to officially give any relaxation to PUBG.

According to a report recently by TOI, Government sources remained unfazed. “Unless they address the concerns, it will be difficult to grant any relaxation,” they said.

In a bid to satisfy Indian regulators, PUBG Corp said it is working to provide “a secure and healthy gameplay environment” with the new version. “With privacy and security of Indian player data being a top priority, the company will conduct regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding Indian users’ personally identifiable information to reinforce security and ensure that their data is safely managed,” PUBG Corp said.

The big question now is – will ministry agree to UNBAN PUBG ? It is clear that MEITY is yet to give their go ahead to the Corporation to launch a new game.

According to one of the expert in the field, ‘the game was banned back in September by the Indian government and until or unless they don’t give any relaxation the game can’t make a comeback in India. All these attempts are purely to pacify the government and excite the market’

Whatever rumor-mill says, the reality is that the official permissions from the government and the official announcement by PUBG Corporation on exact timelines for the launch still stays pending.

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