PUBG Mobile: Check out how to get the amazing Valorian Set at an 80% discount in-game

PUBG Mobile Get the amazing Valorian Set with the 80% discount in-game
PUBG Mobile Get the amazing Valorian Set with the 80% discount in-game

PUBG Mobile’s grand offer to the players, ‘get amazing Valorian set at 80% discounts’: PUBG Mobile has launched a very unique project. The project is called P.D.P Project. The P.D.P project is unique in the sense that it gives PUBG fraternity an opportunity to co-create content, participate in contests, and get rewarded on the PUBG Platform. PUBG Mobile P.D.P project is a new program from the publishers of PUBG Mobile where community members can take part in contests, events, and more. In this program, PUBG Mobile introduces a new campaign of PUBG Creative where community members participate in awesome events such as art events, design the character/skin, and more.

Today PUBG Mobile announced the Valorian set joining the game where you can buy it with an 80% discount for a time period. This set has been made by PUBG Creative, so if you didn’t check it, take a look at an amazing outfit.

Not only this, but the project also is the first global community sourced co-creation program through which fraternity can co-create content for the PUBG Platform. It got introduced a week ago where PDP stands for PTOPIA DESIGN PROJECT.

PUBG Mobile P.D.P project: PUBG  introduces unique P.D.P Project, check details to see how the PUBG fraternity will benefit from it

PUBG MOBILE hopes to include its global community of players in the creation of its content. To date, PUBG has held several design contests around the world,
and they look forward to holding even more in the future, including design challenges centered on firearms, backpacks, parachutes, graffiti, and many more.

PUBG Mobile P.D.P project: PUBG plans to launch even more community-focused events across the world in the second half of 2021. These events will create even more exposure for local, lesser-known artists as part of our efforts to build up a community-driven art ecosystem for players and content creators who love PUBG.

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