PUBG Mobile Blackpink to play a PUBG SHOWMATCH in November, Check details

PUBG Mobile Blackpink to play a PUBGM SHOWMATCH in November, Check details

PUBG Mobile collaboration with BlackPink and Power4band has been creating a lot of buzz in the gaming industry. From big billlboards branding and virtual band songs to themed PUBG-Blackpink train in Bangkok, fans are love every new update in the game and now they are coming with something big. Blackpink to play PUBGM show match!

PUBG Mobile announced yet another event with Blackpink, this time its them playing the PUBGM game itself. The show match also has other guests, namely Kim Hee Chul and streamers DDEDDEDDEDDE and BEENU, Blackpink and the guests are going to play a ‘Fun Match’.

It is yet to be announced the details of the match, but we know for sure its in November. You can catch all the action of this show match on PUBG Mobile’s Facebook or Youtube page. Be sure to follow Insidesport for the match dates and details that are yet to be announced.

Now the real band Blackpink will be playing PUBGM to the tune of the Virtual band of PUBG Mobile.

Power4Band the exclusive PUBG Mobile virtual band dropped their first song. You can check out their anthem and music video-Nothing’s getting in our way! Right here

The Leader of the band Lady Blood was selected by the fans to lead the crew, she’s as hard a rocker as talented she is. We hope to see more sound tracks of Power4 band. Also why not a collaboration of Blackpink and Power4, imagine that right? Wont that be amazing.

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