PUBG Mobile Big Update: Can you play the banned version? InsideSport explains

PUBG Mobile Big Update: Can you play the banned version? InsideSport explains

PUBG Mobile Big Update: A lot of chaos has happened over the months because of the PUBG ban. The rumours, and the varied false news that happened in the last five months, it is crucial to note that only a handful of developments have taken place in PUBG Mobile India’s release. None of them has been regarding the relaunch date of PUBG Mobile.

Numerous stories have been running about the Korean version of PUBG Mobile– settling the debate on whether the game is legal to play or not. That debate was settled when an RTI asked the question and got in response that “accessing PUBG Mobile in India is not banned.”

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However, the array of APK links available for the download of the Runic Power 1.2 update, and then the PUBG Kr version, made us at InsideSport wonder if accessing the global version of PUBG Mobile was a possibility in the country. Talking to an Ethical Hacker, who wishes to remain anonymous, we cleared out any doubts that people had surrounding accessibility of the global version of PUBG Mobile.

Question: Is it legal to use APK links in the country?

Answer: I wouldn’t want to go into the legalities of APK links, since I am not a lawyer, but I can tell you that everyone uses APK links, and apps often upload APK links before they go to the app stores.

Question: Are the APK links safe to use?

Answer: Yes, APKs are safe to use, if you find them on Google. Majority of the time, you will not find malicious files on Google, for APK links, at least. They can be fake, but you will never find those on an official site.

Question: How do you know if the APK site is genuine?

Answer: If there is a site that is redirecting you, again and again, that should be a hint for you that these APK links might be fake.

Question: So, regarding the ban PUBG, can you access the global version via APK links?

Answer: Yes. But In some cases, isp’s may have blocked access to PUBG mobile global. But now it’s rare. Most of people can access the global version of PUBG.

Question: If one downloads PUBG, can you access it without VPN?

Answer: Yes in most of the cases.

Question: Is there a chance to by-pass the area restriction without VPN? How are some people able to by-pass it without the VPN and some people need it?

Answer: Some users have their ISP banned, and their access isn’t available. Most of the service providers have removed this restriction. Most of the time, this issue comes with people who use a certain network operator or fibre net. Majority of them can now access the game. But the game is not available on any of the app stores.

Question: Will we be able to make in-game purchases in the global version? If yes, how?

Answer: No, there is no way to make in-game purchases. There might be a lot of videos on YouTube that show ways in which in-game purchases can be made, but all of them are a scam.

The government of India had banned 118 apps including PUBG Mobile in the country under Section 69A of the IT Act. The act gives the government permission to ban any app if they think it could be a threat to the security of the country.

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