PUBG Mobile 2: New horror game based in PUBG universe, in works

PUBG Mobile 2, PUBG 2, horror game based in PUBG universe, in works

PUBG Mobile latest update: Over the last year, year and a half, the battle royale genre of games have gotten immense liking from the players. PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular titles in the world, has been trying to capture more of the market. The game’s makers are by creating sequels and more games that are based on this game’s universe.

The CEO of Krafton, Kim Chang-han, has confirmed the leaks that have previously surfaced about a sequel for PUBG Mobile game through an interview with Bloomberg Technology. 

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Chang-han said in the interview that they are looking to make more games and will not make the PUBG franchise into a “one-hit-wonder,” and will make the franchise bigger. 

 “I think the more important thing is how the company can utilize the intellectual property of PUBG and how it can make that into an even bigger franchise,” Chang-han told Bloomberg.

Chang-han also added that he team is also making a horror game that will be based around the PUBG universe– only 300 years into the future. The new game, The Calisto Protocol is expected to get released by 2022.

Recently, PUBG data miner, PlayerIGN uploaded screenshots of a press release that was issued by Krafton Inc, that hinted at a potential sequel for the whole franchise of the game. The new game is hidden under the title ProjecktXRTM. The game is expected to be a sequel for PUBG Mobile. 

Chang-han also asserted that an animated show and a webtoon based on the popular PUBG Mobile is also in the works and will be made available on streaming platforms soon. 

The universe of the PUBG Mobile universe has been expanding. It has now come to a point where they are focusing more on the movies, animated shows and webtoons, amongst other things. Only time will tell how successful this venturing out into a broader space will be. PUBG 2.0 has a lot of eyes on it since the game was banned in the country.

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