PUBG Ban Update; Don’t wait for the game to comeback

Bad news continues for PUBG players as the game seems further than making a comeback than ever, with Tencent in turn banning Indian players from PMPL and PMCO.

As we all know the ban was a move against China by the Indian government, with this in mind PUBG Corporation made the move of removing Tencent as its publisher in India then also said they were exploring ways to provide gaming experiences to Indian users in future. Which were followed by the more hopeful Jio talks, which stirred hope among the community of the games return. It amount to nothing as Reliance has not made any comments on the issue.

Updates from the Ministry

The new ownership structure is, however, unlikely to change things immediately, said the source, declining to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

“The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters,” the source said. “That does not change with the change in ownership rights.”

A spokeswoman for PUBG Corp in South Korea said the company was closely reviewing India’s concerns and that it was ready to work on anything that needed improvement.

“We had initial talks with Jio Platforms to seek for cooperation opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet,” the PUBG spokeswoman told Reuters.

What this means for PUBGM

The 2 major developments see no light at the end of this tunnel for PUBG. The game has more than just its Chinese ties to be banned, the so called violent nature of the game having an impact on society. The Indian governments stance on gaming and esports should see a change for the game to return. There are many players, orgs and teams whos future is in jeopardy, it’s likely that organizations will have to make some hard choices in the future.

As the ban seems permanent for now, players should look to new games and avenues to make an esports career in.