PUBG Ban : Its not the end of the road for PUBG players, they just need to make a choice

Post PUBG ban uncertainty has hit professional and aspiring players, in such times we should look for inspiration in people who have beat the odds. It is never too late to switch and adapt to a game, esports is versatile.

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Esports includes a very large and wide verity of games which are classified into more than 8 genres, each genre has a vast, distinct games that are always changing while newer games are continuously entering the ecosystem.

Taking traditional sports as reference, I’m sure we can agree that no professional footballer can play football at the cricket world cup, similar to the cricketer who cannot compete in a pro football event.

Its understood that both the games are so different that mastering both at the highest level is impossible. Esports, even though considered a real sport has broken this barrier for some unique players.

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Usually an esports athletes chooses a single game to go professional, there’s a lot of practice and hard work to get to the top, after years he may get good enough to win thousands and millions of dollars.

Players often are able to compete at the highest level only in a single game but not for these guys.
Lets take a look at these esports gods who have played more than one esports title.

Harrison “psalm” Chang : Dota-HoN-Fortnite-Valorant

Lets take a look at Harrison “psalm” Chang (born February 6, 1995) is an American player from Southern California, his first thought of going pro was when he played dota2 in high school, but started of his career with Heroes of the Storm and played his first tournament BlizzCon 2016. This began a series of events that will makes him one of the most versatile competitive players in the world. He and his team always placed top 5 at the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship back to back for 3 seasons.

“I knew (Heroes of the Storm) was eventually going to die down,” Chang said. “So I was looking for a new game, a popular game where I could grow my career, and Fortnite seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that.”

In 2018 he was introduced to Fortnite by some friends, the battle royale really was very fun to play and he enjoyed the game. He made a switch to Fortnite in summer 2018 because it offered more opportunities for growth, namely financial ones, also that he loved and enjoyed playing the game, Chang said.
In 2019 PSALM won 1.8million dollars, as a runner up at Fortnite World Cup. He was one of oldest at the Fortnite World Cup.

When asked about his experience he says “the biggest thing I learnt form MOBA’s is how to strategize and decision making, when it comes down to a LAN tournament like the Fortnite worldcup, its all about game plan and how u excecute that game plan by sticking to it.” he admits that he may not have been strong mechanically and fastest among the players who he competed but he managed to come 2nd just because of his game plan.

On April 5th 2020 PSALM announced in a tweet that he has had enough of fortnight and is not moving onto the brand new Valorant.

“VALORANT is the next gaming titan and will have the most saturated and diverse pool of talent we’ll have ever seen,” Psalm told ESPN following his announcement. “I know Riot will crush it and have a stable competitive scene. I want to be a part of that and be at the top of yet another game and genre.”

He tweeted that he wants to be the most decorated player in all of esports history. He also shared his accomplishments in various games which is honestly mind boggling that a single player can be so good at so many esports titles.