PUBG Ban : Indian government ‘unlikely’ to reverse ban on PUBG anytime soon

The Indian government is ‘unlikely’ to overturn PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) ban anytime soon. The South Korean owners of PUBG snapped ties with…

The Indian government is ‘unlikely’ to overturn PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) ban anytime soon. The South Korean owners of PUBG snapped ties with Tencent in Indian to get things back on track in its biggest market. But the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is in no mood to relent.

InsideSport has learnt from its sources in the ministry, that the India government will not overturn the PUBG ban just by mere announcement of the change of the ownership in the country. According to the ministry sources, Indian government is deeply concerned about various other issues attached to the app and until or unless that is not addressed, PUBG ban will not be reversed.

“Along with ownership issues, we are concerned about data of the users and various other points related to these apps. No ban reversal decision will be taken until or unless those are addressed”, told one of the ministry source to InsideSport.

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This view of ministry will come as blow to the PUBG’s promoters and gaming fraternity. The gaming fraternity especially were expecting that after the announcement on Tencent being replaced, the ban on the game will be reversed.

PUBG looks for India partner, can it be Reliance Jio ?

Meanwhile as reported by InsideSport on Wednesday, after the announcement of break-up with Tencent, PUBG mobile corporation is on lookout for the India partner who will operate the game on behalf of the company.

Who can be the potential partners for PUBG ? Can it be Reliance Jio ?

According to few unconfirmed reports, Reliance Jio can be one of the most able potential partner of PUBG in INDIA. Some of the Industry sources have informed InsideSport that Reliance Jio is in discussion with PUBG and can take over the PUBG License to operate in India.

InsideSport tried reaching Reliance Jio’s official spokesperson but did not get any reply.

Why Reliance Jio can get in a relationship with PUBG – RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani himself had declared in the month of February that online gaming would be bigger than most of the entertainment mediums.

Speaking to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in Feb,

“There is a huge potential for gaming to grow in India”, Mukesh Ambani said. “Gaming will be bigger than music, movies and television shows put together,” he added during the interview. While the gaming sector is only in its nascent stage, at best, Mukesh Ambani said that there is a huge opportunity for growth thanks to increasing penetration of the internet in the country.

Earlier, in 2019, Reliance Jio had announced its Jio Fiber set-top box to support “console-like” gaming, saying that it will enable newer entertainment and gaming experience. Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani, Directors of Reliance Jio, also gave a demonstration of the major gaming capabilities of the Jio Set-Top Box. “This will be at par with the leading gaming platforms globally,” Akash Ambani said, who also played FIFA 19 on stage to highlight that the set-top box supports multiplayer gaming.

With such a view and vision about the gaming industry growth in the Indian market, don’t be surprised if PUBG and Reliance Jio makes the big announcement soon.
PayTM Games and Nazara Technologies are rumored to be the other potential parties who are interested in exploring relationship to operate PUBG.

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