PUBG : All is not over between Tencent & PUBG, Chinese company to Invest $30M into PUBG ecosystem

PUBG Mobile update : All is not over between Tencent & PUBG, Chinese company to Invest $30M into PUBG ecosystem

PUBG – Tencent Relationship latest update : Though in India to appease the local government, PUBG Corporation and Chinese company Tencent relationship is over after the PUBG Mobile ban. But worldwide the two global esports giants are still working together.

After hosting the League of Legends World Championship, Shanghai welcomed another large-scale esports live event last weekend, the Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Peacekeeper Elite is the Chinese version of PUBG MOBILE, and PEC is the top tier competition between Chinese teams and international teams in the Peacekeeper Elite ecosystem. Eventually, Chinese esports organization NV-XQF took home a 5 million yuan ($760 thousand) prize, the lion’s share of a 12 million yuan ($1.82 million) total prize pool, thus winning the PEC championship for two consecutive years.

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PUBG – Tencent Relationship : The Announcement

Leo Liao, marketing director of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group and president of Peace Elite League (PEL), announced at Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) on Sunday that the company will invest ¥200M RMB ($30.4M USD) in reinforcing the Peacekeeper Elite esports ecosystem in China. Peacekeeper Elite is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. The investment will be used for prize money and marketing.

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As the biggest competition in the Peacekeeper Elite esports scene in 2020, PEC featured ¥12M ($1.82M) in prize money, and four Chinese teams, as well as 11 international teams, including T1, NaVi, and Unicorns of Love (UoL), among others. Chinese team NV-XQF was crowned the champion and took home a ¥5M ($760K) lion’s share of the prize money at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in front of a live audience.

In addition, Liao also mentioned that Tencent will host an annual global championship competition called “G-League,” which is similar to the League of Legends World Championship, featuring a $2M prize pool in 2021.

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India to get $100 Million investment without Tencent
South Korean gaming company PUBG Corporation is set up a subsidiary in the country and launch a new India-specific version of the popular battle royale game.

The company, along with parent firm Krafton, will also invest $100 million to revive business in the country, the largest market for PUBG in terms of number of users, it said in a statement

With hindsight, it was predictable that Tencent would focus on developing the domestic Peacekeeper Elite market. On the one hand, China appears to have successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic, making it a suitable place to host esports events with live audiences. On the other hand, Tencent is still suffering from its PUBG MOBILE debacle in India, where the game was banned at the beginning of September with Indian authorities citing data security and privacy violation concerns.

PUBG Corp, the original developer of PUBG announced last week that the company is preparing to launch a special version of PUBG MOBILE, exclusively for the Indian market. PUBG Corp has also announced a partnership with Microsoft to use its server-hosting service.

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