Premier League clubs count their social media scores

Premier League

Digital Space occupation is the way forward for sustenance and growth. No fan base is enough for the corporate in the business of sports leagues. The best in the world are taking social media route for survival at the top.

The English top-tier Premier League clubs too are making the most out of the social media. The summer transfer season is on and clubs are vying to strengthen their teams. But it all comes with fan support, and social media is the platform.

So, when Arsenal announced its richest transfer signing in club history, it did it in a fashion. The Lyon striker Alexander Lacazette who is ready to join the Gunners for pre-season training, first appeared in a 30-second video of a photo shoot, only all of the imagery of its unidentified subject is from the neck down. Along with the clip was the tagline, “You’ll never guess who . . .” with a winking emoji.

But then one of the followers guessed the right name and Arsenal’s prompt response was a quick video clip with the man himself appearing in full and saying, “Laca New Signing,” with promotion of #LacaNewSigning at the bottom of the screen.

Somewhat similar tease video was also posted by Liverpool on its twitter handle, when the club acquired Mohammed Salah from AS Roma. The tweet was a close-cropped video of a man’s thumb scrolling through tweets favorited by a user with the handle @_AnnounceSalah and the name Announce Salah Now. The messages were a series from fans clamoring for Liverpool to announce the signing of Salah now. The camera soon widens, showing that Salah himself was cruising social media, at which point he says, “Salah, announced!”

The clubs are not only about spending huge amounts on transfers, but announcing it in style and be creative about it.

AS Roma club tweeted a video of a young man playing the FIFA video game and scoring a goal with Roma. The on-screen character in the tweeted-out video-game simulation — it’s pretty meta — turns around to reveal the name Pellegrini on his kit. The camera turns to the man playing FIFA, and sure enough, it’s Lorenzo Pellegrini himself, who then shouts “Forza Roma!”

Aston Villa announced the addition of Chelsea legend John Terry via a fake WhatsApp text chain, in which Villa chairman Tony Xia purportedly tells manager Steve Bruce that Terry had been signed. Xia then adds Terry to the group chat, which includes a host of fake welcomes from current players via texted word or emoji hand sign. It devolves, however, when one player excitedly boasts that Terry is the “best defender we’ve had at this club,” prompting three former star defenders to exit the message string hastily.

When Crystal Palace was ready to announce its new manager, Frank de Boer, they borrowed some papal imagery and puffed white smoke into the air — out of the chimney at The Original Tasty Jerk around the corner from the club’s stadium.

This is 2017, after all, so apparently we all speak in hashtags, memes and video games. And thus it has emerged to be the most creative way to engage fans for any sporting venture.