Premier League : Avery Dennison is the shirt labelling supplier

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Football’s English Premier League has named sportswear branding and labelling manufacturer Avery Dennison as its new official supplier for names, numbers and sleeve badges.

The deal will begin with the 2019-20 Premier League season. Avery Dennison will produce more than 15 million Premier League names, numbers and sleeve badges each year, at a specialist low-carbon facility in western Norway.

All products will be embedded with smart digital technology, enabling fans to scan the number on their jerseys with their mobile phones to receive a bespoke experience.

Rishi Pardal, vice-president and general manager of apparel solutions at Avery Dennison, said: “Partnering with the Premier League naturally extends our position as a leading supplier of branded and decorative embellishments for retail brands, leagues and clubs in the team sport market.

“The Premier League has a strong and ever-growing global presence and we are excited to have the opportunity to support their global growth.”

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