Premier Futsal announces two crucial signings

Premier Futsal

Premier Futsal has announced two important deals – signing Proneo Sport, leading international futsal company, and getting on board St. Agnelo VNCT as the team owners of Chennai 5’s.

The Premier Futsal had earlier announced a three-year association with Brazilina football star Ronaldinho.

Premier Futsal has collaborated with a leading futsal company in the world, Proneo Sport, ahead of the second season to help establish and grow their format of sport in India. It also welcomed St. Agnelo VNCT as the team owners of Chennai 5’s.

Earlier last week Premier Futsal had also announced Mumbai 5’s team owners last week.

One of the leading real-estate developers in India, St. Agnelo VNCT will aim to promote the sport in Chennai by providing the right guidance and platform to the youth.

“We are happy to associate with St. Agnelo VNCT as the Chennai team owners for Season 2. With a mission to grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal is dedicated to engage with today’s youth by encouraging their participation in the sport by enabling them with right direction and guidance,” Vimala Rani Britto, vice-chairman, Premier Futsal, said.

Agnelorajesh Athaide of St. Agnelo VNCT said: “The inaugural year of Premier Futsal witnessed a huge fan following across both genders, making its way as a leading sport league in India.”

Proneo Sports, the company that specialises in managing professional sports players, will assist in promoting the sport in India.