Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pokimane, xQc & Sykkuno can’t contain their excitement as Genshin Impact reveals LilyPichu’s voice-over of Sayu

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Pokimane, xQc & Sykkuno can’t contain their excitement as Genshin Impact reveals LilyPichu’s voice-over of Sayu. The Genshin Impact version 2.0 was announced on July 9, 2021. It marked the biggest update in the game’s history. The update introduced the third-largest city in the game as Inazuma. Three characters that come with the update got huge attention from the Genshin Impact community. Yoimiya, Kamisato and Sayu are very interesting characters. Many players want to see the backend stories of each character.

It is speculated that the Genshin Impact community mostly favors the English and Japanese voice lines of the characters. The internet took the news by storm when miHoYo revealed that LilyPichu is the voice actor for the upcoming character, Sayu. Popular twitch streamers Pokimane, Sykkuno, and xQc all got surprised and has reacted to LilyPichu’s voice.

Pokimane’s reaction on LilyPichu’s voice-over of Sayu in Genshin Impact:

Pokimane reacted to the trailer when she found out LilyPichu’s voice acting clip while browsing Reddit. She got really excited to see her fellow Offline TV member featuring in miHoYo’s title. She conveys her happiness and says “Lily is voice acting a Genshin Impact character, isn’t that so! *squels*. It is so cool, and I’m so freaking proud of her, she told me like a little while ago and it’s just been a brain countdown just waiting for it to come out.”

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Sykkuno got really surprised when he saw the reveal trailer. He knew LilyPichu will voice Sayu but he couldn’t recognize her voice at all. He said “Wait, is that her talking? That’s Lily, Oh My God!! That didn’t even sound like her usual voice, it’s different.”


Popular Twitch streamer xQc was thrilled by the news, but his chats reveal that he is not that supportive about LilyPichu. He said “Guys it’s kinda cool though. To know someone who voice-acted for such a big game is a huge man. Guys, you are just hating because it’s somebody else. You guys are just too negative these days, man

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