Pokimane owns hater who trolls her for not being good enough to stream Valorant

Pokimane owns hater who trolls her for not being good enough to stream Valorant

Pokimane is one of the most famous streamers on Twitch and is undoubtedly good at what she does. Recently, a clip of her getting scared in Valorant went viral, so much so that many people started trolling her.

The clip was one of Pokimane’s gameplay where she was walking through a Viper wall and had a jumpscare when she saw someone. She got shocked to see enemy Jett and let out a scream, and the clip has been shared thousands of times on social media. Trolls used it as an opportunity to make fun of her gameplay and have called her names.

Pokimane clapped back and said she has reached Diamond multiple times and has three ranked accounts that she plays on. She retorted at the troll saying that he didn’t follow her since he took one 5-second long clip and decided that because he is not a regular viewer and is just taking the opportunity to troll her. She was upset at the person and lashed out at him saying “the audacity to call me boosted off a 5-second clip of me being scared lmao.”

Pokimane also warned him for being toxic and said “welp my aim’s good enough to be Diamond so and if you’re going to talk s**t in my chat don’t be surprised if my mods ban you lmao, it’s elementary.” The Twitter user has since deleted his account and the trolls have stopped coming after Pokimane.

Trolling has become an age old culture in the streaming world, with trools thinking that they could type anything while sitting behind a computer screen and no one would hold them accountable. Numerous streamers including Pokimane, Ninja, and xQc have been subjected to trolling and trash-talking.. Spanish streamer Murmaider was harassed a few weeks ago by her teammates in Valorant,and she took the decision to stop streaming