Pokimane Hot-tub stream breaks Twitch Record; Amouranth calls her ‘Queen’

Pokimane Hot-tub stream breaks Twitch Record; Amouranth calls her 'Queen'
Pokimane Hot-tub stream breaks Twitch Record; Amouranth calls her 'Queen'

Pokimane and her friends from OfflineTV came together to celebrate the birthday of Pokimane. They did their first-ever hot tub stream on the Pokimane’s channel where it breaks the viewership records. The stream has crossed 100,000 live watching milestones at one stage. This is the largest number of live viewership for any content creator during a hot tub stream specifically.

On May 14, Pokimane celebrated her 25th birthday by doing a live stream on Twitch surrounded by her friends in a hot tub. The memes the hot tub meta which is widely popular on Twitch these days. Despite the other popular hot tub streams, OfflineTV members decided to get involved fully clothed. However, Pokimane wear a shirt which had a bikini printed on it, both sides front and back.

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Pokimane thanked everyone who send the birthday wishes,

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes 🥰 love n appreciate every single one of u so much!”

In last month, the female streamer shared her views on the hot tub meta and asked Twitch to not approve this type of content. It should not be available for all age groups as it is inappropriate for a particular age group. Later she posted an update on Twitter where she announced a hot tub stream with OfflineTV members on her birthday.

Hot- Tub meta is currently leading the Twitch community in a different direction. Many high-profile content creators/streamers including Pokimane, giving their take on the matter but the meta continued. A group of content creators including Pokimane came together to give it a try where they got an insane amount of live watching.

Amouranth shared her views on the Pokimane’s hot tub stream. “Pokimane is a queen. She won’t even be on the screen & will still get most views on the category.”

During the stream, the streamers were having fun such as ordering pizza, writing some weird words on their forehead. Disguised Toast also took Challenge to write on his chest to which wasn’t his own skin. The streamer later revealed this fact.

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