Poker Sports League: Catch the best action on DSport

Poker Sports League: Catch the best action on DSport - InsideSport

An hour-long excitement will unfold for the poker community – professionals, amateurs and fun-loving fans alike – with the Poker Sports League shows on DSport, one of India’s leading sports broadcasters.

The six-episode Poker Sports League series, on DSport between 8 pm and 9 pm from June 12 (Tuesday) to June 17 (Sunday), captures all the action, excitement and drama of the PSL Season 2, held at Goa from May 9 to 13.


The Poker Sports League special packages on DSport are an experience beyond standard sports highlights video shows. The meticulously packaged shows are an education to the beginners, excitement for millions of poker fans out there and an engaging exercise for battle-hardened pros, who will have little time to predict the next hand amidst some sharply-edited action.

All the sharp brains out there, it is an opportunity to assess a career option in this mind game of extreme skills. To get good cards might be luck, but to win is a sheer skill. This is in Reality, Entertainment.


The five days and five episodes will confine any wrongly-conceived notions to dust that a cards’ game involving money means gambling. Poker is a game of extreme skills where like in any other sport the best talent emerges the winner. The league brand ambassador Vishwanathan Anand, the legend of mind games in his own right, is endorsing the league with a strong conviction that poker is no less a mind game than chess.

Poker Sports League has a mission to establish poker sport as a skill-based competition. That they have succeeded in this endeavour establishes the six-episode show.

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The Poker Sports League, unlike other commercial ventures in sports, is a dream project of several enterprising poker enthusiasts. That passion and methodology is present in each aspect of the league. The show flow for the six episodes leads from education and introduction to the sport and the league to the excitement of the Grand Finale frame by frame, hand by hand.


The leading female sports presenter in the country, Archana Vijaya explains the sport and the league with all the ingredients of a high-octane sporting battle between 11 franchisee-based teams. The narrative goes with the philosophy of the Poker Sports League – to educate, to excite and to entertain about this aspirational sport.

After all, with Poker Sports League you earn while you learn. How? Mere six hours, over the next five days will reveal it all that on DSport.


Poker Sports League has also succeeded in breaking many-a-barriers for the sport. Bringing Vishwanathan Anand on board as the brand ambassador provides poker with the well-deserved and much-needed credibility as the mind game that it is. Now, the tie-up with one of India’s leading sports broadcasters DSport is another first for the poker match action, which in India has been confined primarily to live streaming on the digital medium.


All brands out there, poker sport also offers an unparalleled opportunity for athleisure, Life Style, consumer durables, entertainment, electronics, education and fashion brands. Poker, after all, is a sport for all – beyond age and socio-economic stature. Who play it and what all it holds? Six days and Six hours may help you assess the ROIs and potential this rapidly growing sport holds for the brands out there to extend their outreach. The added advantage, there is no premium for penetrating into a new, niche consumer base.

11 TEAMS, ₹ 4.5 cr PRIZE POOL

See country’s best Poker brains battle it out as 11 teams for the ₹ 4.5 crore prize pool as it all unfolds as pure mind game in the spirit of the game. Poker Sports League Season 2 is not over – it starts afresh again, hand by hand as it happened and how it happened.


All OTT players out there with an interest in niche sports content, it is also your opportunity to sample the content in its entirety. Poker across the globe has a multi-million dedicated community who follow the sport for excitement, to assess their rivals – like any other champion sportsperson in this digital era. A generation of aspiring poker talent follows this content for learnings and to fine-tune their skills. There is an instant consumer base for the poker content, which is scarce and at a nascent stage for on the move viewership.

So here comes an opportunity for the OTT players to assess, bid and acquire this niche high-quality poker content.


Poker fans, amateurs and pros tune-in to Dsport on June 12-17 from 8 pm to 9 pm for all of you who have missed out from the Poker Sport League Season 2 and what all this exciting, extreme mind game holds for you – not just in terms of entertainment and excitement, but also as a respectable career option.

DSport is available on Tata Sky channel No. 495, Dish TV channel No. 630, Videocon D2H channel number 410, Siti Digital channel No. 483, Digi Cable channel No. 406 and Hathway Channel No. 483.


Check out the first look trailer of the Poker Sports League excitement.