PayPal inks four-year partnership with Football Association

The Football Association switches to digital

Money transfer service PayPal is the official payments partner of The Football Association (England’s national football association). PayPal and The FA have announced a four-year partnership.

With the tie-up The FA shifts from cash to digital through The FA Matchday App. This will be a huge transition as 80% of clubs still rely on cash. The transition to the digital payment move will reportedly benefit over a million lower lever players.
“This signals our intent to further bring grassroots football into the digital age, making the game more accessible for all,” says The FA director of digital engagement at The FA Russell James.

“Importantly this service will help save time and reduce administration for those people who dedicate their time to organising the football that so many people enjoy. Working with PayPal, the market leaders in their field, can only have a positive impact for everyone at grassroots football.”
Rob Harper, director of mobile payments & partnerships at PayPal UK, added: “Technology is enabling us to move away from cash in almost all aspects of life, and the beautiful game is next. Those forgotten fivers to pay for subs soon add up, and become a real headache for managers.

“Together with The FA, we’ve devised an easy way for players to leave their wallet or chequebook at home, and use their PayPal digital wallet to settle up instead. With over 24 million PayPal account holders in the UK, we are well placed to drive positive and lasting change for the sport.”