One Fight Night 14: How Much Money Did Stamp Fairtex Earn By Knocking Out Ham Seo Hee?

Here’s the details of how much money Stamp Fairtex racked in after securing a solid win against Ham Seo Hee at One Fight Night 14.

One Fight Night 14: How Much Money Did Stamp Fairtex Earn By Knocking Out Ham Seo Hee?
One Fight Night 14: How Much Money Did Stamp Fairtex Earn By Knocking Out Ham Seo Hee?

Thai ONE FC champion Stamp Fairtex achieved a groundbreaking milestone. The 25-year-old secured victory against Ham Seo Hee in the main event of ONE Fight Night 14, etching her name as the first three-sport champion in the organization. Fairtex sealed the triumph with a third-round TKO, following Angela Lee’s retirement and belt vacancy. This historic feat leaves fans curious about her earnings from this remarkable win, prompting us to explore and uncover the financial aspect of this achievement.

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How Much Money Stamp Fairtex Racked In Against Ham Seo Hee at One Fight Night 14?

The top-ranked Fairtex and the 2-ranked Ham, both vying for the coveted title, Fairtex emerged victorious. The Thai champion showcased her prowess by defeating the esteemed South Korean veteran. Fairtex sealed the win by bringing Ham to the ground, rendering her defenseless. The referee intervened and declared Fairtex the winner via TKO at 1:04 of the third round.

This victory held a dual significance – marking Fairtex as a three-sport champion and showcasing her resilience in a hard-fought battle. Despite facing adversity in the second round, she demonstrated her expertise in the third by utilizing her world-class Muay Thai skills to deliver a powerful body punch to Ham, ultimately securing the win.

Undoubtedly, this triumph will be cherished as a special moment in Fairtex’s career. As for her earnings from this memorable victory, although the purses are not something that is out and available information but Fairtex herself told.

The newly crowned champion recently unveiled that she is set to earn a purse that breaks records this weekend. In a recent interview, Fairtex said, “This fight, my purse, is going to go up to 10 million baht. Yes, it’s so amazing. I will make history.” 

Fairtex herself disclosed her purse, which, when converted, amounts to approximately $273,300 from the 10 million baht she earned. While this sets a record, it falls short of boxing-level earnings. However, it’s worth noting that ONE FC is renowned for offering substantial bonuses. With an added bonus, Fairtex is expected to surpass the $300,000 mark, resembling earnings seen in the UFC.

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