Counter Strike Global Offensive latest update: Swedish eSports organisation, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) announced a new CS GO academy– Young Ninja. This development has come just days after they had announced a new program called ‘Path of Ninja’– to hone the talent of new and future CS: GO players in Sweden. Young Ninja, on the other hand, will focus on supporting “the underlying ecosystem and provide ways into a potential academy team in the future.”

The objective of the ‘Young Ninjas’ is to hone players in order to make them competent to take part in the ‘Svenska Elitserien’, a local Swedish CS:GO tournament.

On 4th December Ninjas in Pyjamas took the decision to invite few talented young adults after every season of ‘Svenska Elitserien’ to join the ‘Path of a Ninja’ program, and would enable them with “all the tools they need, both inside and outside the game, to lower the gap between grassroots and professional CS: GO.”

The Young Ninja program, NiP hopes, would give them a CS:GO team for “budding superstars to represent – a rock steady home to bloom”. NiP is also giving the invited kids an “Academy Team banner” so that a lot of kids can play under the same roof.

The first player under this program would be the 17-year-old Erik “ztr” Gustafsson from the Spanish CS:GO organization KPI. He has been playing CS:GO since the age of 11, and has made a name for himself in the local scene last year when he represented Prima eSports in ‘Svenska Elitserien’.

Since an academy banner is being presented to the young talents, one could expect the next season of ‘Svenska Elitserien’ to see a ‘Young Ninjas’ lineup under NiP Academy Team.

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