LeBron James' Nike Air Max 95 Release Date Unveiled, Check out pictures ?>
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Nike Air Max 95 “LeBron James” Release Date Unveiled: Check out pictures

Nike Air Max 95 “LeBron James” Release Date Unveiled: Check out pictures

LeBron James’ Nike Air Max 95: LeBron James has loved every bit of his time in Los Angeles and whenever he gets the chance, he pays homage to the city in the form of a brand new sneaker.

Typically, LeBron does this with his very own trademark sneaker models, but, now he’s seeing to do it with one of the most iconic designs in Nike’s history: the Air Max 95.

The Nike Air Max 95 in Lakers colors has been teased over the past few weeks now, with the official pictures found below. One shoe is purple while the other is chiefly yellow, and the discordant look is perfect for the Lakers’ aesthetics.

This new colorway is actually going to be called “Home Team” which actually makes a lot of sense especially when you think about the context that surrounds the entire shoe. Whether you’re a LeBron, Lakers, or Air Max 95 fan, there is something for everyone here.

The new addition will be available from April 6th for a price of $170 USD.

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Nike Air Max 95

Air Max 95

Air Max 95

LeBron James injury: LeBron James suffered an ankle injury in the second quarter of the Lakers contest against the Hawks. He is out indefinitely.

He stayed in the game and knocked down a 3-pointer before heading to the locker room, but the team announced he will not return to the game.