New PUBG Mobile Game announced, check trailer

New PUBG Mobile Game announced, check trailer: In a new development, Krafton Inc has listed PUBG: New State mobile game on the Google Play Store. The sequel of PUBG mobile was scheduled to be released sometime next week but the game developers have not announced a release date.

However, as for PUBG fans in India, they are going to be left disappointed again as the game will not be available in the country owing to a ban the government imposed in September 2020. But the features that were leaked earlier seemed to hold water as PUBG: New State will have revamped graphics, new map apart from new weapons.

“Coming in 2021, PUBG: NEW STATE features the most realistic battle royale experience you will find on mobile. Players will be able to drop in and explore a new map that expands the lore, experience graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming, master the best and most dynamic gunplay on the market, and enjoy next-generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds,” the makers of the game said in a statement.

The game, as reported by InsideSport, will be set in 2051 and players will be able to use futuristic weapons, including drones, combat rolls and bunkers amongst others. The game is supposedly set at a time when “anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other,” as per the game trailer. For now, it will be available on Android version 6.0 and higher.

– The game would feature completely new maps,

– The game will have futuristic combat weapon options, drones to aid battles in the game.

– The game will also introduce few new “gadgets” as part of the core gameplay, and other such futuristic elements that will suit a fictional projection of the year 2051.

PUBG: New State will also retain the battle royale mode where “100 survivors face off until only one player or team remains.”