Nets vs Bucks Game 5 NBA Conference Semi-Finals Score: Nets comeback to win 114-108 to take a 3-2 lead in the series

Nets vs Bucks Live Game 5 in NBA Conference Semi-Finals: Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks- 16th June NBA Playoffs LIVE stream, watch online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Link, Scores: Nets comeback to win 114-108 to take a 3-2 lead in the series

Kevin Durant turned the game around for the Nets as he scored 49 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, and dished out 10 assists in Game 5 of the Conference Semi-Finals.

The Bucks seemed to be in control up until the 3rd quarter. Jeff Green shot an astonishing 88% from downtown as he converted 7/8 of his 3-pointers. Momentum shifted as Durant started getting hot from the field.

James Harden came back from the injury and looked rusty, he scored 5 points, had 6 rebounds, and dished out 8 assists.

The Bucks only have themselves to blame after such a turnaround. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished the match with 34 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 assists.

Nets vs Bucks Quarter 4

Middleton misses. That will do it. Shamet is going to the line for the icing on the cake.

Four-point game. Durant might miss out on his 50-point game, but it looks like he’s going to get the win.

Giannis misses the second. Nets up three. One make likely clinches it.


That drive and dish by Holiday to Lopez cuts the Nets lead to two.

Giannis hits the second. 106-105 Nets.

Giannis is fouled, but the Nets will take that. Make him hit free throws.

Giannis lays it in. 104-102 Nets.

Holiday misses the shot, but it seems like the Bucks might have figured out that they need to go at Harden on every possession.

The Bucks need to take notice of what happens every time they attack Harden on defense. It’s free points.

Nets vs Bucks Quarter 3

Giannis called for the travel on what should have been easy points. The Bucks are melting down.

Gorgeous pass from Harden there, and the Nets have made seven shots in a row.

Giannis is now 12-of-31 from the line in this series. Going 1-for-2 actually raised his percentage against the Nets.

Jeff Green has six 3’s on 100% shooting. The rest of the Nets have six 3’s on 26% shooting.

And all of a sudden, the lead is down to 11 again. This keeps happening. The Bucks get a bit of distance and the Nets fight back. This should be a 25-point game right now but the Nets just won’t die.

Bucks are shooting 11-23 (47.8 percent) from deep, Nets 9-29 (31 percent).

Another 3 for Brook Lopez. That’s his third of the night and the lead is back up to 17. Lopez hasn’t pounded the small Nets in the post as much as some might have expected, but he’s making up for it with a great shooting night.

Harden gets his first points! It’s a banked floater that comes with a free throw. Maybe this is what it takes to get Brooklyn going.

Jrue Holiday for 3 and that pushes the Bucks lead to 17.

Joe Harris is now 1-for-9 from the field. Brooklyn needed him to make his shots tonight after two terrible games in Milwaukee, but it just hasn’t materialized.

That’s 18 points for Jeff Green, who has stepped up with Kyrie Irving out and James Harden hobbled.

Nets vs Bucks Quarter 2

Giannis looks so much more comfortable in that Blake Griffin matchup than he did earlier in the series. He’s been exceptional tonight.


That charge is Holiday’s third foul. What a swing. Not only do the Nets possibly save two points, but they’ve gotten Jrue Holiday off of the floor.

The Nets are starting to heat up from 3. They have three of them in the last four minutes as they’ve kept this game somewhat competitive.

Joe Harris finally makes a 3. Maybe that’s what it takes to get him going again.

Huge turnover and layup for the Bucks there. The Nets have a real chance to cut into this lead with so many key Bucks in foul trouble, but the Bucks swing some momentum with that sequence to push the lead back up to 13.

Jeff Green is having fun against this paint-packing defense. The Nets’ other shooters haven’t joined the party, though

Kevin Durant ends the quarter with a great block on Khris Middleton, but the Bucks are still in control here. It’s 29-15 after the first quarter as the Nets have made only four field goals. James Harden isn’t penetrating.

Shots aren’t falling.

It’s been all Bucks thus far, but with three key Milwaukee players in foul trouble (Tucker, Holiday, and Giannis), the Nets are far from out of this thing.

Nets vs Bucks Quarter 1

There’s something we haven’t seen enough of this series: Brook Lopez in the post. It pushes the lead back up to 11.

Offensive foul on Giannis. That’s his second. Jrue Holiday and P.J. Tucker already have two fouls. The refs are calling their physicality far more than they did in Milwaukee.

Not sure if the Bucks are going to stick with the lineup they had out there before the timeout, but the “point guard” was either Giannis or Middleton

Giannis wanted to step into that 3, but wisely held himself back, and sure enough, Bryn Forbes makes the 3 off of the DHO.

Huge 3 for Jeff Green, who made his return to the lineup in Game 4.

The Bucks lead 12-2 as we head into our first timeout, but the real story here is James Harden. Thus far, he hasn’t gotten into the paint once.

He has only attempted 3-point shots. He’ll likely get more comfortable as the game progresses, but right now, he clearly looks compromised, and the Bucks have done well to build a cushion in the process. The Nets will make this difficult. Don’t doubt that for a second. So every point the Bucks add to their lead now will be critical.

James Harden has not looked right thus far, but Milwaukee’s defensive activity has been very strong thus far. Great hands and great movement.

Khris Middleton is going to the line for three free throws and the chance to push the lead up to 10.

Harden misses his first shot, a stepback 3.

Nice deflection from James Harden there, but he hasn’t really been tested physically yet. The Bucks are going to go at him through this game.

The Nets are really trying to get Joe Harris involved early. It makes sense. With James Harden compromised and Kyrie Irving out, they’re going to need his shooting. He’s struggled mightily in this series.

That possession that ended with Blake missing a desperation 3 — best defensive possession the Bucks have had this series.

James Harden will take Kyrie Irving’s slot in the starting lineup. Brooklyn is otherwise sticking with the same group.

Nets vs Bucks Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

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