NBA Valuations: 3 NBA teams continue to hold a $5bn valuation despite 2% decline, find out top 10

NBA Valuation: The business value of all 30 NBA teams, including ownership’s stakes in real estate, regional sports broadcasters, and miscellaneous team-related holdings, is more than $70 billion.

Three franchises—the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Lakers—are each worth more than $5 billion.

Despite their poor performances on the court, the New York Knicks are the NBA’s most valuable franchise at $5.42 billion.

The Knicks trim the valuation of the Lakers (the 17-time and defending NBA champions), with each team topping $4.4 billion.

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How has the New York Knicks managed to be worth more than $5 billion?

According to a sports banker who works with NBA teams, the Knicks traded honesty for anonymity, the primary reason why is because the Knicks have built a more solid mousetrap.

They’ve sold naming rights without giving up the name,” he said, mentioning the deal where JPMorgan Chase & Co. sponsors particular shares of Madison Square Garden—offered as a representative example of how the arena’s two-year, $1 billion renovations, which ended in 2013.

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In the last season, the Knicks produced about $150 million just in operating income, the banker said. Last season, only the Golden State Warriors, playing in a new arena in San Francisco, generated more revenue ($434 million) than did New York ($428 million).

The rapid growth of the Golden State Warriors

No team in professional sports has grown in value as rapidly over the last decade as the Warriors. The Warriors was purchased by Joseph Lacob for $450 million in 2010, the team. That included the new asset of the new Chase Center which has a fair market value of $5.21 billion.

That ranks second in the NBA. When taking in the amortization of personal seat permits, luxury suite contracts, and amazing performances in the playoffs, the Warriors “could be an $800 million revenue business.

The Warriors’ dynasty played in five consecutive finals, won three championships. Their run was ended in 2019 after a loss to the Toronto Raptors. Today, those Raptors, buoyed by media and property interests, are valued at $2.55 billion, the 10th-highest in the NBA.

NBA Valuations 2021: Revenue of the Golden State Warriors over the years

NBA Valuations 2021: Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers

The Warriors now rank among the top of the league in home-game attendance and saw their revenue skyrocket accordingly. At $430 million last year, no team in the NBA brought in more revenue than the Warriors.

Here’s how the Warriors revenue has trended over time:

  • 2010 Revenue: $139 million
  • 2019 Revenue: $430 million

Unlike their in-state rival Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors own, operate, and even act as landlords to corporate partners like Uber on the property.

The Warriors’ team-related business and real estate assets stand at $1.5 billion, which is 50% more than any other NBA franchise.

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