NBA Top Shot: LeBron James’ dunk honouring Kobe Bryant breaks record, auctions for $387,600

NBA Top Shot: Every NBA fan-favorite moment was minted by NBA Top Shot- LeBron James’ dunk honoring Kobe Bryant has sold at auction for nearly $400,000.

A highlight of LeBron James dunking on a fast-break with a finishing move suggestive of the late Kobe Bryant, who had passed away less in a helicopter crash along with eight others — was auctioned for $387,600 through Heritage Auctions. It’s a record for a Top Shot auction.

Since Heritage held its first Top Shot auction in February, the auction house has sold 19 Top Shots for $612,972; 11 moments went for $542,340 in the bidding that ended Thursday night.

Check out the dunk here

NBA Top Shot: Packs are sold for as low as $9

There are different packs, just like in the game of NBA 2K which are sold for as low as $9 dollars. Although, it is very difficult to get your hands on these packs as they are sold out almost immediately.

The head of marketing and team partnerships at Dapper Labs, Caty Tedman, claimed that Top Shots has produced more than $230 million in sales so far.

I think it’s fascinating,” said Tom Richardson, a digital media professor at Columbia University’s sports management program.

It’s a nice evolution and good to see that people are still doing collectibles, even during this time,” added Lars Rensing, CEO of blockchain service provider Protokol. “It’s a new step to the future.

We want to bring the same magic to other sports leagues as well as help other entertainment studios and independent creators find their own approaches in exploring open platforms,” said Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou.

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