NBA Free Agency 2020: The impact of Covid-19 on the NBA Free Agency 2020

NBA Free Agency 2020: The NBA free agency normally goes on for a deal. Teams take their time discussing the players they want to bring in, the contracts they want to give and renewing deals with their own players.

Deals are done, then teams and players must wait a few days before they can sign those contracts. Due to Covid-19, it is not the same this year. The teams have 2 days to discuss new contracts before they will be eligible to sign new players or renew the contracts of their current players.

What promises to be a chaotic free-agent window has opened, just 2 days after the NBA Draft. 2 days later, the teams will be able to sign players they have been negotiating a deal with also.

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A week later, on the 1st of December, training camps around the league open. The preseason games start on the 11th of December. Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey looking exhausted after having 5 picks on the draft night said, “This is completely insane.

Deals have started to fly in. We have seen the Sixth Man of the Year possibly changing teams in LA as he looks to sign for the LA Lakers. John Wall also wants out of the Washington Wizards.

While the NBA is investigating whether Milwaukee committed tampering in the deal regarding Bogdan Bogdanovic.

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A really busy few days for the NBA Free Agency 2020:

The deals and rumors have been coming up very early and fast

Anthony Davis is ready to accept a three-year deal worth that would start at $32.7 million this season and grow each year afterward, with the last year at his option.

That way, when he completes his 10th year of service in 2021-22, he can cash in again for an even higher percentage of the salary cap than he would command now.

Gordon Hayward declined his $34 million option for this season with Boston and could potentially now be another big name on the move.

More than 100 other NBA players are unrestricted free agents; another 75 or so can be restricted, free agents. That is a lot of players who might be on the move. With the season coming up very quickly, it will be tough for them to have time for transition in their new teams.

Furthermore, teams are still figuring out coronavirus protocols for training camp. Nobody has seen the NBA schedule for a regular-season that starts on 22 December. Preseason games start on 11 December; those haven’t even been announced yet.

With free agency starting as quickly as it does, we have some targets in mind there and we’ve got some other trade conversations going on as well,” said David Griffin, New Orleans’ executive vice president of basketball operations.

The Lakers already have a new point guard in Dennis Schroder, acquired in a trade with Oklahoma City. The Thunder sent point guard Chris Paul in a trade to Phoenix, and with a brief stopover-on-paper-only in Oklahoma City, Ricky Rubio wound up leaving the Suns and ending up where his NBA career began in Minnesota.

Trade has been agreed to that would send Jrue Holiday from New Orleans to Milwaukee, where he will play with two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Antetokounmpo also could sign a supermax extension in the coming days or weeks; five years for somewhere around $225 million, a deal that would begin in 2021-22.

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