NBA Trade News: Houston Rockets want Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving in return for James Harden

NBA Trade News: James Harden and Houston Rockets story continues. At one point it looked like he might stay especially after comments made by the new signing John Wall. Although, the story has taken another turn. Houston Rockets want Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving in return for James Harden

Harden might join Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving in the Nets under his former coach Mike D’Antoni. While we saw James Harden and Kevin Durant play together for the OKC, they have recently discussed the possibility of reuniting, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Washington Wizards in return for a draft pick and John Wall. James Harden’s new teammate, John Wall said that he and Harden had a talk since Russell Westbrook left Houston Rockets.

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Wall says he “for sure” expects Harden to be a Rocket this season. The new Rockets guard said he “tried to say his goodbyes to everybody and show my respect.” He also said that his main focus is now being an All-Star with the Houston Rockets.

While the Rockets general manager Rafael Stone is inclined to listen to offers, they will require an enormous return of players, draft picks, and possibly pick swaps.

It is possible that the Nets use Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie as a part of the deal to land Harden.

Harden, 31, has been an All-Star in all eight seasons since arriving in Houston. He also won the MVP award in 2017-18 and finished among the top three in voting four other times in the past six years.

He is owed $131.5 million over the three seasons remaining on his maximum contract, including a $46.9 million player option in 2022-23.

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The Rockets are in a bad state now. After Mike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey left for the Nets and the 76ers, it looks like the franchise superstars will be on the move as well.

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The chemistry regarding the stars fitting together is more important than the talent itself. Durant, Harden, and Irving would be a controversial fit, at best.

Harden and Durant have experience playing together in their time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although, at that Harden was not a starter and came off the bench. He averaged 12.7 points per game across three seasons.

This version of Harden is an eight-time All-Star, three-time scoring champion, and the 2017-18 MVP.