NBA Free Agency 2020: How did Trevor Ariza break the NBA Trade record?

NBA Free Agency 2020: The NBA Free Agency has seen more than 100 players switch teams. This NBA Free Agency has seen the likes of Bogdan Bogdanovic causing an NBA investigation on the Milwaukee Bucks. But, Trevor Ariza has broken an NBA trade record.

After a whirlwind week for Trevor Ariza that included being a part of four different teams, the veteran forward has set a record.

His trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder was the 10th time he has been dealt in his career, which sets an NBA record, according to Clutch Points.

Three of those have come over the last week. Ariza was traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Houston Rockets on Monday, then to the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, and finally to the Thunder as part of a three-team deal on Saturday.

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Oklahoma City Thunder officially welcomed Trevor Ariza:

Trevor Ariza’s trade moves throughout his career:

  • February 2006: Traded from New York Knicks to Orlando Magic
  • November 2007: Traded from Magic to Los Angeles Lakers
  • August 2010: Traded from the Houston Rockets to the New Orleans Hornets
  • June 2012: Traded from the Hornets to the Washington Wizards
  • July 2014: Traded from the Wizards to the Rockets
  • December 2018: Traded from the Phoenix Suns to the Wizards
  • January 2020: Traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Portland Trail Blazers
  • November 2020 (3): Traded from the Trail Blazers to the Rockets to the Pistons to the Thunder

Only a few players have even been traded eight times, including Dale Ellis, Chris Gatling, Don MacLean, and Billy Owens.

Although, Trevor Ariza still might not have even found his final home this offseason.

The Thunder are going through a cumbersome rebuilding phase and look determined on trading all of the established players they get their hands on. Ariza is on an expiring contract for $12.8 million.

If a contender needs a wing and has some money to move, the 15-year pro would certainly be an option.

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The tentative NBA schedule calendar for the 2020-21 season:

 • Dec. 11-19, 2020: Preseason games

 • Dec. 22, 2020 – March 4, 2021: First Half of regular season

 • March 5-10, 2021: All-Star break

 • March 11 – May 16, 2021: Second Half of regular season

 • May 18-21, 2021: Play-In Tournament

 • May 22 – July 22, 2021: 2021 NBA Playoffs