NBA Draft 2020: Predictions prior to the 1st mega-event on the season

NBA Draft 2020: With the NBA Draft set to begin virtually in just a few hours, teams have decided which player they are going after to strengthen their rosters. The teams have interviewed their prospects on Zoom calls and some have even met the players in person.

Each team is permitted two visits per player with no more than 10 total visits before the 2020 NBA Draft.

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With the delay in deciding the starting date for the new NBA season, teams have had more than enough time to shape down their recruit lists to improve their current roster. The Timberwolves, Golden State, and the Hornets have the top 3 picks in this year’s NBA Draft.

The 14 teams that did not make the playoffs in the last regular season will get the first 14 picks in the NBA Draft. The Free Agency will also start as soon as the NBA Draft takes place. The market will be open and the teams will be able to trade players.

Top 14 Predictions for the NBA Draft:

The new NBA season will begin on Dec. 22 after the NBPA released a statement in agreement with the League’s proposal.

The teams are now working in full force to improve their roster with young talent from the NBA Draft and with some experienced players in the Free Agency.

Schedule of the NBA Draft 2020:

Date: November 18, 2020

Time: 07:00 P.M. ET, 05:30 A.M. IST

Location: Hosted virtually at ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut

Where can you watch the NBA Draft?

ESPN and Turner are the Official Broadcasting Partners of the NBA.

Fans can watch the NBA Draft Live here.