NBA Draft 2020: Teams with the highest number of draft picks

NBA Draft 2020: The NBA Draft is set to take place virtually on the 18th of November. Usually, each team has one pick in the first round and one pick in the second round of the NBA Draft.

Although, teams can trade these picks with other interested teams. In the 2020 NBA Draft, 8 teams have 3 or more picks. Because of their wheeling and dealings, these teams have done in recent years, they are set up for a jam-packed Draft night.

The NBA also recently came to an agreement with the NBPA to start the Free Agency 2 days after the NBA Draft. The teams will be able to sign new players from the 22nd of November.

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Teams with the most number of picks in the NBA Draft 2020:

Team Total Picks Round (pick No.) Round 2 (pick No.)
Philadelphia 76ers 5 21 34, 36, 49, 58
Sacramento Kings 4 12 35, 43, 52
New Orleans Pelicans 4 13 39, 42, 60
Boston Celtics 4 14, 26, 30 47
Minnesota Timberwolves 3 1, 17 33
Golden State Warriors 3 2 48, 51
Charlotte Hornets 3 3 32, 56
New York Knicks 3 8, 27 38


The Boston Celtics have 3 picks in the first round. They are looking to trade all the 3 picks in order to have a higher-order pick. However, no team seems interested in Boston’s offer.

The Celtics have an abundance of young talented players that can win them the Championship. Players like Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Jayleen Brown prove that they do not need three mid-to-late first-round draft picks to improve this team.

Also, the teams with the top 3 picks – Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, and the Charlotte Hornets have 3 picks each.

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