NBA Draft 2020: LaMelo Ball “the most talented player in the draft”, All you need to know about potential No.1 pick of Draft

NBA Draft 2020: The NBA Draft 2020 is less than a day away from kicking off virtually. With the number 1 pick gone…

NBA Draft 2020: The NBA Draft 2020 is less than a day away from kicking off virtually. With the number 1 pick gone to Minnesota Timberwolves, the Golden State Warriors, and the Charlotte Hornets have the 2nd and 3rd picks.

One of the hottest prospects LaMelo Ball features as a top 5 pick in this year’s draft. While the scouts have known about him since he was 16, courtesy of his elder brother Lonzo Ball, and his father LaVar Ball.

Although with the likes of Anthony Edwards, Killian Hayes, and James Wiseman, Lonzo Ball could be selected after the 5th pick in the NBA Draft.

LaMelo is just 18 years old. He is 6’7″ and has a wingspan of 6’10” which is pretty good if we see him at the point guard position.

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He is also an excellent ball-handler who uses hesitations and pump fakes to create space and shoot. He uses advanced moves but always remains in control and dictates the pace. He has an elite touch and attempts many floaters.

He is averaging 17.0 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists, and a field goal of 42.5% per game.

Scouting Report of LaMelo Ball:

The most talented player in the draft. His future is as bright as anyone else in this class.

Scouts know there is something unique about LaMelo’s blend of positional size, athleticism, and the tricks he is able to perform along with his ball skills. His creativity and passing remind many of Trae Young’s, but Ball’s growth spurt has taken him to 6’7″, the size of wings and forwards.

He’s so dynamic as a playmaker. Spacing will be his best friend.

Playmaking with speed and creativity, Ball was on track to finish second in the NBL in assists. While there are issues about his scoring, there are no issues regarding his passing, especially once he is given more time in the NBA.

Defensively in the playoffs, every team will look to confine LaMelo.

Among basketball flaws, the one everyone appears to match on is his defense. His casual character was evident.

He has a sense of entitlement. Can he be humble?

Ball seems to have evolved since early in high school, and teams are not demanding a natural leader from day one. He has shunned trouble and continued to be quiet in contempt of all the attention. The teams still worry about his professionalism.

Will he be able to encompass being the best defender he can be? 

He was able to get away with composure at times as a member of the Hawks. He will not be able to do the same in the NBA.

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