NBA 2020-21: 5 All the drastic changes NBA made in the 2020-21 season; Check Out

NBA 2020: NBA released their new format with some major changes in it. The league has brought in a Play-In tournament to decide which teams finish 7th and 8th in their respective conferences. Thus, which teams will further go in the NBA playoffs. The new season starts on the 22nd of December.

There were several factors that promoted a pre-Christmas start to the new season. Starting the season before Christmas was the NBA’s way of keeping their broadcasters – ESPN and Turner happy.

This will help Turner broadcast the opening fixture on a Tuesday and ESPN to display 5 matches on Christmas.

NBA Schedule: Find the latest NBA Schedule here

Drastic Changes in the NBA 2020-21 season format:

1. The Play-In Tournament:

Since there will only be 72 games this NBA season, the league released a new Play-In tournament to decide who will be the No. 7 and the No. 8 seed in each conference that will make the playoffs.

This will be played after the regular season and before the 1st round of playoffs.

2. 72-game season:

The 2020-21 NBA season was delayed due to do the Covid-19 pandemic. The season that starts on the 22nd of December, will only constitute 72 games instead of the traditional 82 games season.

All five teams from within a division will play all five teams from one other intraconference division twice at home, and all five teams from the remaining intraconference division twice on the road.

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3. All-Star game will not happen in February:

The All-Star break will take place between March 5-10 instead of mid-February.

4. The schedule will be released in 2 segments:

The first segment of the schedule will be released when the training camps start on the 1st of December. The second segment will be released when the first segment is about to finish.

5. No increase in the salary cap and luxury tax:

The cap is $109.14 million this past season, with the tax level at $132,627,000. In the following seasons of the CBA, the salary cap and tax level will increase by a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 10% over the prior season.

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NBA Schedule News: Below is the tentative NBA schedule calendar for the 2020-21 season:

 • Dec. 11-19, 2020: Preseason games

 • Dec. 22, 2020 – March 4, 2021: First Half of regular season

 • March 5-10, 2021: All-Star break

 • March 11 – May 16, 2021: Second Half of regular season

 • May 18-21, 2021: Play-In Tournament

 • May 22 – July 22, 2021: 2021 NBA Playoffs

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