NBA Jersey Day 2020: 10 best jerseys as NBA tips off Dec. 22 season in style with first-ever NBA Jersey Day

NBA Jersey Day 2020: With the season set to start in less than 3 weeks, all the NBA franchises have released their new season uniforms. We have ranked the top 10 ‘City Edition’ Uniforms for the NBA 2020-21 season. The NBA is encouraging fans around the world to show their excitement for the new season by sporting their favorite NBA jersey.

For the fourth-straight season, the NBA and Nike partnered on ‘City’ version jerseys for every team in the league.

Since Nike took over as the official uniform sponsor for the league, teams have really gotten artistic with their uniform designs.

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Top 10 ‘City Edition’ Uniforms for the NBA 2020-21 season

10. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls dived into the rich design that spans the city of Chicago. From the art deco font choice to the geometric diamond pattern used on the cropping of the shorts and jersey.

It’s a very modern design, the only gripe I have is the shade of the gold used, if it were just a tad brighter, it would stand out a bit more on this jersey.

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9. Cleveland Cavaliers

The idea behind this jersey is different, the Cavs chose to pay tribute to the city’s connection to rock and roll. The irregular font and unfinished coloring on “Cleveland” across the chest is a bit like a ransom note, but this uniform is saved by the simple fact that the primary color is black.

In most cases, uniforms look more genuine in black and this uniform is a principal example of that. The patches on the side of the shorts bring this set together.

8. Toronto Raptors

Black and gold, can’t go wrong. The Raptors finally parted ways with the “North” jerseys and the arrow with the lettering falling down on either side. They are still using it for other jerseys this season, but this is by far the best one.

The font choice is also a nod to the retro purple dinosaur uniform, which is a nice touch. It is a very classy jersey for a very classy team.

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7. Atlanta Hawks

In an odd move, the Hawks partnered with the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to release an MLK-inspired jersey, complete with a new court design for the occasion.

The understated design speaks to the impact Dr. Martin Luther King had in his fight for racial justice during his life. Atlanta executed this jersey design perfectly and didn’t overcrowd it to let the message ring through. They also designed a new court to pay tribute to the great Dr. MLK.

6. Memphis Grizzlies

The black, the gold lettering, the teal and gold design accents on the side paneling. Ja Morant dons the new uniform.

The Grizzlies pay tribute to the history of soul music in the city of Memphis as well as the legacy of Stax Records singer/songwriter Isaac Hayes with these jerseys, and they turned out beautifully.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

After selecting Anthony Edwards as their No. 1 draft pick, the Wolves have had a great streak of fortune with their city edition jerseys, and they have hammered it again this year with this sleek, simple design.

The North Star adorned in several places throughout the jerseys are amazing.

4. Utah Jazz

Utah took its tried-and-true city jersey and gave it a little change. The Jazz gain from not having a jersey in black before this, though, because this looks like a completely different jersey when the colors are inverted.

The retailing for this was also excellent, as the Jazz played on the growingly popular “dark mode” when releasing this uniform, as they used Metallica’s famous song as their caption.

3. Dallas Mavericks

This is a nod to the 40th anniversary of the Mavericks franchise, while the wings on the trim of the jersey and shorts are, per Dallas’ press release, “a nod to the legend of the pegasus.

A giant neon-lit pegasus statue located in downtown Dallas. If that was the goal, then there were far better ways to consolidate the pegasus. However, this is a significant step up from the awful uniforms Dallas wore last year.

2. Golden State Warriors

It was a smart marketing move by the Warriors to put “Oakland” on their jerseys quickly after bolting the city for San Francisco. They also played on the sentimentality vibes by recreating the “We Believe” Warriors uniform with some definite changes, like swapping out “Warriors” across the chest for Oakland.

Although, this may not sit well with all Golden State fans pending the team’s recent move from the city of Oakland to the tech center of the country San Francisco.

1. Phoenix Suns

For years, Phoenix has paddled out ordinary city jerseys, but this time around they took a bold swing and smashed the ball out of the park. Playing on Phoenix’s nickname of “Valley of the Sun,” in addition to a pixelated design of the beautiful Phoenix sunsets, this jersey is incredibly innovative.

The Suns have one of the best color palettes in the league, and they finally made the best use of purple and orange to create a stylish modern jersey.

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