MONEYBALL IPL IMPACT POINT: Watson tops the table

MONEYBALL IPL IMPACT INDEX: Shane Watson tops the table - InsideSport

Shane Robert Watson. He has retired from international cricket. He is still not tired for the aggressive profession of the Indian Premier League. His salary graph over the past few years has declined. His value and impact are intact.

After two weeks of Indian Premier League 2018 action, the former Australian skipper and Chennai Super Kings veteran all-rounder has topped the IMPACT POINT for the season. Watson has rushed to the top spot, riding his 106 against his former franchisees Rajasthan Royals on Friday. With 175 runs during the season and six wickets, he has accumulated 235 points to top the IPL 2018 IMPACT POINT for the season. Followed by Kolkata Knight Riders Nitish Rana (208 IMPACT POINT) and the great Virat Kolhi (207).


Even as the stalwarts dominate the IMPACT POINT, unheralded talent with lower salaries and good performances have been the leaders in the Value for Money charts. Mayank Markande, recruited by Mumbai Indians for his base price of ₹20 lakh, is the leader in the Value for Money players table with 90 IMPACT POINT and 22222.22 cost of each point of the impact rank followed by another ₹20 lakh hiring – Rajasthan Royals Shreyas Gopal, who has 76 IMPACT POINT and 26,315.79 Value for Money Point. Royal Challenger Bangalore’s Mandeep Singh is the lone crorepati in the Value for Money Point top five charts. With ₹1.4 salary contract and 122 IMPACT POINT to his credit, Mandeep is in the fifth position with 1,14,754.10 Value for Money Point.



Impact Point is a tool created by Moneyball, which rates players according to the impact of their performances in all aspects of the game. It takes into account every run scored, every wicket or catch taken. Even stumping, run-out by the players are taken into account.

How are IMPACT Points calculated?

Impact points are arrived at by applying a simple formula. Players earn 1 point for each run scored; 10 points for each wicket taken, 3 points each for a catch, stumping and run-out made.

What is Value for Money RANK?

Value for Money rankings is derived from players performance divided by their annual salaries. In simple terms, the total annual salary of the player divided by the impact points is equal to the Value for Money for the particular player. Players with the lowest amount spent for each impact point gets the highest rank in the Value for Money table.