Microsoft Azure on PUBG Mobile India release date “We don’t have any information”

PUBG mobile India Release Date Update: We discover some piece of news on the PUBG Mobile comeback everyday. As per latest updates today, the Website is where the announcement and comeback of the game will be made. Multiple times confirmed by Microsoft Azure that the games return will first be announced on the official website. With the Corporation registered as a company in India, now only the launch remains.

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“We don’t have any news to share at this time regarding PUBG Mobile India. Keep an eye on the official website for more information!” This is what they had to say. Ever since the coming soon posts by the corporation, Microsoft Azure is being spammed on twitter, questioned by eager fans when the game will arrive.

As per updates, the Indian version of the game will be initially available only for users on the Android platform. The game might likely release a few days later for their iOS counterparts as well.

Indian PUBG fans have been spamming the Microsoft Azure social media handles asking about the game release date in India.

Microsoft Azure responds on PUBG Mobile India comeback and release date

A website exclusive for PUBG Mobile Indian version has been launched but it displays on official social media handle and links to its social media handles. Apart from this, it doesn’t make any new revelations about the game’s comeback date.

Several users have been able to access the news section on the website for short intervals. The section displayed the APK download link and Google Play Store link. However, they are not working yet, and it appears that the web page is being tested for the official release.

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