MFN Scores Big: UFC’s Referee Herb Dean to Officiate at Their Next MMA Event

MFN raised it’s bar as UFC’s Herb Dean is all set to officiate the upcoming event MFN 13.

MFN Scores Big: UFC’s Referee Herb Dean to Officiate at Their Next MMA Event
MFN Scores Big: UFC’s Referee Herb Dean to Officiate at Their Next MMA Event

Indian fighters and their homegrown promotion are gaining global recognition. Anshul Jubli is carving his path, slated to compete in the upcoming UFC 294. Meanwhile, propelled by the Shroff family—Tiger, Ayesha, and Krushna—Indian MMA promotion MFN is reaching new heights at a rapid pace. In their upcoming event, MFN 13, they’ve scored big by securing UFC veteran ref Herb Dean, a move they enthusiastically announced on social media. Let’s dig in to get all the details.

Ahead of MFN 13 The Indian MMA Promotion Welcomed UFC’s Herb Dean On Board

MFN took to their Instagram account, sharing a picture extending a warm welcome to UFC’s seasoned referee, Herb Dean, for their upcoming MFN 13 event. Herb, a longstanding member of the UFC, recently gained significant attention when a moment of him signaling to stop a fight turned into a popular meme. 

Notably, he stands as one of the most followed referees globally, boasting over 347k followers on Instagram, surpassing the follower count of many fighters. This fact speaks volumes about his widespread popularity and influence. So having him on board is indeed a big news.

MFN 13 is locked in for October 28 at Noida Indoor Stadium. This electrifying evening promises a lineup of 12 action-packed bouts. The spotlight gleams on the main event, featuring two Indian fighters. Shyamanand, boasting an outstanding record of two back-to-back knockout victories against international rivals, gears up for a much-anticipated rematch against Featherweight Champion Sanjeet Budhwar. 

This showdown, years in the making, promises high-octane excitement. With several captivating matches on the card, it’s indeed a significant leap forward.

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There’s no denying that MFN, India’s top MMA promotion, is swiftly earning international acclaim. Serving as a launching pad for many fighters, including the acclaimed Anshul Jubli, aka “King of Lions,” MFN has been instrumental. Managed by Conor McGregor’s company, Anshul Jubli’s victory in the Road To UFC series landed him a prized UFC contract and he will fight in the upcoming event. Now, with Herb Dean joining, it’ll be intriguing to witness the trajectory of their journey.

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