MCC to review bouncer laws to reduce concussion substitutions and ensure player safety

MCC to review bouncer laws to reduce concussion substitutions and ensure player safety-The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has decided to review the laws associated with bouncers. During a recent teleconference with the panel members, the World Cricket Committee (WCC) of the MCC, it said that it was the body’s duty to ensure that the “laws are ensured in a safe manner”.

The panel, however, said it would need to take a deeper dive to find the balance and also ensure players’ safety. “The committee heard that MCC is to embark on a global consultation on whether the Law relating to short-pitched deliveries is fit for the modern game,” the MCC, headed by former England skipper Mike Getting, said in a statement.

“As Guardian of the Laws of the game, it is MCC’s duty to ensure that the Laws are applied in a safe manner, a viewpoint consistent across all sports. With research into concussion in sport having increased significantly in recent years, it is appropriate that MCC continues to monitor the Laws on short-pitched bowling,” it added.

However, a decision to change the laws is not on the cards anytime soon as the panel will first conduct a survey in March that will include specific groups. Following the data collection by June, the committee and various sub-committees within MCC will review the results and take a call that is expected at the end of the year.

“There are important aspects to consider in the consultation, namely the balance between bat and ball; whether or not concussion should be recognised as a different injury to any other sustained; changes which are specific to particular sectors of the game — e.g. junior cricket; and whether or not lower-order batsmen should be given further protection than the Laws currently allow,” the MCC added.