‘Mauka’ man narrates the power of smart sport campaigns

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Advertisement breaks during a cricket match is sometimes frowned upon by the purist. But there is space of creative advertisements that catches the imagination of young and old alike.

One such campaign was “mauka mauka” that Star Sports had launched just ahead of the the 2015 ICC World Cup. The campaign was focused on matches involving India and was an instant hit. The “mauka” man, as Vishal Malhotra is now known, as who portrayed a Pakistani cricket fan, said that the campaign success totally changed his life. He was speaking at a SporTale session, where the ingredients of successful advertisement campaigns were being discussed.

“Ads should attract the imagination of viewers. What we did was without any real script, but it became a hit,” said Malhotra, who narrated the story how the campaign was planned. The campaign was not planned and the shoot for it was happening almost daily, once India won one match after another in Australia.

The campaign has become such a hit that its idea was borrowed when the Indian team has been playing other countries too.

Another advertisement that captured the imagination in the recent times was Nike ad for women in sports. The “Da Da Ding” advertisement was brainchild of Mohammed Rizwan, Creative Director of W+K, who said when Nike came to him he decided to make it in a totally different way than what had been done in the past.

“Girls around the world were doing different things and playing different sports. This was an ad by the girls for the girls so we went full out to create something that was never done,” Rizwan said.